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PlayShifu Empowers Millennial Parents with the #PowerofPlay through its Children’s Day campaign

The leading early-learning toy brand, PlayShifu, launches an innovative campaign that talks about the Power of Play. The campaign runs through Children’s Day as well, to spread awareness around nurturing children through an educative and interactive approach. Emphasising on the importance of learning through #PowerofPlay, the brand aims to inculcate a new way of approaching learning. Through this highly impactful campaign, PlayShifu encourages mentored indoor play through appropriate toy selection while ensuring healthy screen time.  

Learning systems and educational toys are ramping up to meet the needs of a changing world. The role of AR-powered educational toys cannot be undermined in these challenging times where remote learning has become the new normal.  Through expert discussions and influencer engagements, the brand is trying to address the challenges of home-schooling, parent-child int

eraction, and healthy screen time by introducing a new wave of interactive and engaging learning. In this endeavour, the brand has identified 20 essential super skills based on in-depth research and subject-matter expertise.  These include logical reasoning, analytical ability, critical thinking, comprehension, attention to detail, creative problem-solving, and more. 

PlayShifu’s innovative games and toys help children develop a complete spectrum of foundational skills that go beyond STEM and STEAM, through the #PowerofPlay. PlayShifu’s product line includes Orboot–a collection of three AR-powered globes and Plugo–an AR-powered interactive STEM gaming system comprising of several gaming kits. Their third product line, Tacto, will be launching soon in India in December and focuses on tactile play while developing STEAM skills.


Commenting on PlayShifu’s vision, Vivek Goyal, a proud father to a 5-year-old and the CEO of PlayShifu said, “Early learning is mostly informal, since children between the ages of 3 and 7 absorb information like sponges. They learn from the moment they wake up till they go to bed; they learn from everything they hear, see, touch, or interact with. Providing a holistic play-learn experience has been our motivation, and our vision is to deliver the best of both worlds, with each new product.”

Adding his views on the need for awareness, Dinesh Advani, Co-founder of PlayShifu and a father to an 8-year-old said, “Kids in their initial years are outwitting parents in terms of technological know-how. They live in an ecosystem where they are growing smarter and more intelligent with the increasing exposure to digitalisation. Introducing the right play mechanism is a first step towards filling the void in their learning support. We have a vision of helping nurture the crucial years of a child’s growth and development, and that’s the leading force behind the #PowerofPlay.”

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