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Make your everyday cleaning hassle-free and automated with Eureka Forbes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

With the onset of work from home, the nooks and corners of our homes are susceptible to dust and dirt daily. 

Eureka Forbes Robo Vac n Mop was a blessing in disguise during my WFH stint. I was struggling with my daily cleaning during the pandemic and thus, got this revolutionary companion home. How does it stack up like a competent vacuum? During WFH, munching and eating around the house became common, which creates a lot of mess. I then decided to invest in a Robotic fully automated remote-controlled vacuum cleaning partner – Robo Vac N Mop 

The Robotic Vacuum cleaner detects dust particles and sanitizes the floor with UV action to make it clean and hygienic. It has two modes, dry vacuuming and wet mopping, which can be easily set using the remote control. Its Smart Sensing Technology automatically detects obstacles and cleans all the difficult nooks and corners. It has a long-lasting battery that last up to 90 mins cleans the entire house on a single charge.

Not only does it come with UV sanitization, which sanitizes my floor while cleaning, it is also fully operated by a Remote control with which you can give commands, select modes, and set a cleaning timer when you are not available at home for automated cleaning. 

I thought I’d skip the easy part and give it a challenge straight up. 

Paving sand, which is coarse sand that contains fine pebbles, was spread over a roughly paved surface. The Robo Vac N Mop vacuum cleaner sucked all the sand on the surface while removing the larger particles stuck in the deeper crevices, with its dual brush, which channelizes dirt swiftly. 

There were no apprehensions regarding the filter either. The in-built filter guard protected the cleaner from damage caused by the larger bits. I was tension-free after using this robotic vacuum cleaner, as it cleaned my house spotlessly by itself.

Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is equipped with a set of sensors to continue the cleaning process without colliding with any objects around the house. 

It has several cleaning modes like spiral cleaning to target one area, spot cleaning for tough stains, and edge cleaning for nooks and corners. Its anti-fall sensors ensure that it does not fall from heights or stairs. 

While it takes care of cleaning the entire house in one go with a 90 minute run time, it also comes with an auto charging feature that makes it return to its charging dock, on its own, when the battery is low.

Over the 39-year legacy, Eureka Forbes has always been customer-centric and addressed needs of the customer on priority through continuous research and development. 

Since Indian homes are different from western homes, the introduction of Robotic Vacuum cleaners shows that they have understood Indian homes better than anyone else. What’s more, they are the number 1 brand in vacuum cleaners in 2020-2021 as per the syndicated research report 20-21 and that’s the reason consumers can trust them.

One can easily buy these from leading stores offline, book a demo by visiting the Eureka Forbes website, or by visiting the Forbes online booking portal. It comes with a standard 1-year warranty and can be bought at INR 21,990/- 

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This vacuum cleaner comes with a smart electronic water tank for effective mopping function. You can control the water supply mode according to the type of floor you are going to clean. Also, it includes an electronically controlled pump that offers the perfect pressure for all types of cleaning like every day mopping, cleaning a tough stain/gravy/ juice/ tea/coffee spill, and wet or dry dust coming from outside through footsteps. 

The product design and accessories are specially designed for Indian homes. If you buy this product, then you can leave it on any floor and relax. It will automatically clean the floor and leave it spotless. 

It easily cleans pet hair and small debris and is designed to clean thicker particles like cereal too. Battery performance is superb, and its navigation system allows it to manoeuvre itself quite effectively. It comes with extra micro-fiber cloth as well.

I truly recommend this product to all, especially working professionals.

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