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5 Things Users Don't Want to See on Your Instagram Page

 Instagram is a great platform for self-expression. But some get too carried away in their attempts to illustrate everyday life. As tempting as it may be to post 140 selfies in the morning, it's worth remembering that your followers' patience is not infinite. Here are a few more things you shouldn't have on your Instagram account.

Daily Selfies

You might be thinking, "Isn't Instagram the cause of the widespread abuse of selfies?" And generally speaking, you'd be right. But first, trends do tend to change. Second, no person dreams of being subscribed to a page made up entirely of the same image of someone else's face.

And while in some cases, selfies show off your unique location, say, next to the Colosseum or near a car you just bought, or your achievements, like hitting a jackpot at Playamo or getting a new job, in others, it's an annoying snapshot that carries nothing but your distinct love of your looks. But the worst thing is not that you post a photo of yourself in front of the fridge, but the number of such photos. If you have too many of them, people start unfollowing you. So if you've only recently discovered the wide world of Instagram, don't give in to that temptation. Limit yourself to one or two selfies a week, or even a month. It's acceptable if, for example, your goal is to convey some sort of author's message to your followers.

Bullying and Hate Speech

It's so obvious that you don't even want to write about it, but some people still post things like that. Posting a picture of someone with a physical disability and captioning it with a laughing comment is not only bad from a social media perspective.

The other negative extreme is inciting hatred of any social group. Such terrible posts are capable not only of unleashing a barrage of criticism on the author (and justifiably so) but also of leading to the account being banned. Threats and bullying can occur not only to random people. Some people use their feeds to wage war on their haters. But it's unlikely that any of your followers want to witness your conflict. So if an unwanted person has appeared in your comments, leaving insults, it's better to ban him to avoid negative consequences and create a positive place on your Instagram page. After banning this person, you can leave the feed for really interesting content.

Messages About the Breakup

In general, social media users love sincerity. And if you share positive emotions on your page - there's nothing wrong with that. But, as you may know, breaking up with a loved one is not one of them. Sometimes this event can leave an extremely unpleasant residue. And, most likely, at this point, you definitely do not want to post a positive picture. Then don't post anything at all. But your subscribers don't need the details of your experiences. Instagram is not the right place for confession. In the heat of emotion, people often say things they regret later. But once you've said it on social media, you can't go back. So be careful what you write on Instagram, including after the breakup with the person you loved. Getting over your sad emotions can also be with the help of humor, the relevance of which on the Internet is undeniable. It will not help you get your loved one back, but the subscribers will remain in place.

Low-quality Content

Now that every smartphone has a camera with such a resolution that you can use it to shoot another "Avengers" movie, posting low-quality photos is not only terrible, but it's bad taste. When you're keeping a page for your friends and acquaintances, it makes no difference. But those who have blogger ambitions and count on attracting new subscribers should take care about the quality of the illustrations. This also applies to photos downloaded from the Internet, especially since the selection of professional photos on the Web is endless. However, former subscribers may also be dissatisfied if the quality of your content drops drastically.

In the era of Instagram glut, it is worth following the right strategy: it is better to spend more time on creating one quality post than to post several low-quality ones every day.

Other Things to Avoid 

There are many other things you should never share on your Instagram page:

  • Photos containing personal information. Protect yourself from scammers. Don't post pictures with plane tickets, passport information, etc. In fact, everyone knows this simple rule of personal data security, but not everyone follows it. People keep posting pictures with sensitive information. Why this happens is a mystery of human psychology.

  • Personal photos. It's better to keep them for the family archive. People post wounds, birthing shots, etc. There is no need to put such archives on public display.

  • Ridiculous shots taken in the workplace. Often people get into trouble by posting funny shots while at work. Sometimes it even leads to huge scandals and dismissals, especially when it comes to people on top positions.

  • Pictures with vacation plans. Don't tell or reveal your own travel plans on social platforms. Clearly, many people want to brag and share information about their next vacation. But this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Remember that there may be malicious followers who are watching for updates and waiting for an opportunity to profit at someone else's expense.

  • Pictures of children. It's unfortunate, but sometimes pictures of cute kids attract the attention of pedophiles. Besides, if the pages of the parents also contain contact information, then the children may be in real danger. Be vigilant.

  • Pictures that compromise friends. Never post photos that humiliate people close to you, even if it's a joke. If you don't want to lose the respect of your friends, think twice before posting any dirt on them.

These tips are essential to follow to stay safe on Instagram. But never forget this social media has its own rules everyone must follow if they don't want to be banned.

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