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LG Takes Working From Home Up a Notch with Ultra-Wide Monitors, Gram Laptops and LG Wing

In 2020, we found an unexpected disruption in our lives. The Coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live our lives and made ‘Stay at Home’ the new normal for our work and home life. 2020 was all about trying to adapt to this new lifestyle and making the most of our online lives, whether it's working, studying or blogging.

With some of world’s biggest technology giants announcing working from home for life, home office has gained a new importance for professionals spending more time at home. For those recreating the office in their home, LG’s UltraWide monitors are the best around with the biggest 21:9 aspect ratio display to view every tab at once. When paired with the lightweight 17-inch LG Gram, these Monitors make communicating and collaboration with coworkers even easier using communication and video conferencing platforms such as Teams, Zoom, Slack and Webex, that have become so vital during the new normal. 

More so, LG has a wide range of powerful yet compact CineBeam projectors that do the job right. Simply display a presentation on a clear wall and see things in 150 inches that you wouldn’t normally see on a small screen. The LG UltraFine series also offers mesmerizing 4K/5K resolution on vivid IPS/fast VA panels with the best gaming features and easy installation anywhere, particularly good for creative professionals like animators, artists, graphic designers and architects needing that extra bit of detail.

This year has seen our online lives become even more invaluable due to social distancing. Online content consumption doubled in 2020 with many turning more attention to social media, consuming their news online, streaming their entertainment and attending classes over the internet. 

While this has provided a unique opportunity for aspiring bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers, it has also made it even more important for these influencers to ace their game amidst the competitive online landscape. Online content must be striking and intriguing, and with LG WING’s Creator’s Kit -- a collection of advanced imaging solutions including Timelapse Control, Voice Bokeh and ASMR Recording – LG is making is easy for these influencers by providing the best equipment to get started! 

The dual-screen WING lets users share their best moments in a form family and friends will adore, bringing their social media game to new levels with a camera that gives them full control of their shots with pan, tilt, roll, and lock functions via an on-screen joystick. LG WING’s unique gimbal feature was built to show off users’ skills, whether it be on a bike or through a dance routine, through an incredibly smooth and slick video that oozes professional quality. 

LG WING transforms the way we consume content and stream shows too. Swivel Mode allows viewers to watch videos online without interruptions from a phone call or message, as the second screen can be interacted with while the online video continues playing. What audiences don’t see is the hard work creators put in off screen, like the long hours spent editing. With the super-light LG gram, it’s easy to get all the video and photo editing done on the move and in quick time, handy when moving from one shooting location to the next.

Further as lectures and learning move online for the foreseeable future, students are getting to grips with distance learning. The LG gram range is not only durable but extremely light too, making it a great solution for students who might want to sit outside in the park during virtual classes. And LG gram is powerful enough to handle some of the most demanding games for play during well-deserved lesson breaks.

The most innovative model in the LG gram lineup is the 2-in-1, which is ideal for schoolwork with its stylus support which helps create a more natural note-taking experience with the use of an active pen. The 2-in-1 is ideal for quick, easy sketching that would work great for art lessons too.

So, while covid-19 may seem like the biggest challenge to most of us, LG is making it possible to live your best life online through its innovative product offerings that are not only making working from home much easier for working professionals but also students and aspiring influencers!

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