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Digital Signature in Word

If you have a trusted electronic application in hand, then you can easily do digital signatures in word format. Choosing one is tough, especially those who are new to such tools. If you are a pro, then you can pick one without any effort.

If you need to know how it can be done, then read this article to find out what we have for you to know. We have written this piece of information for the sake of your ease, so you don’t have to go anywhere else in search of the right answer. 

Significance of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are so famous for quite some time. We all have used paper for the same purpose for years, but now as the technology has advanced and modified itself, we have ways through which we can do work with the help of the internet. 

Digital signatures save yourself from a lot of trouble and hassle of carrying paper all around. To come up to the level of modern-day needs, one can do all the work through online ways that are beneficial and have their perks. 

You can learn more and create a digital signature in Word if you need to. You can save yourself from the trouble of keeping documents all the time with you and do all the work remotely. This is an appealing thing that cannot be overlooked.

Digital signatures give you the added assurances of evidence of origin, place and status of an electronic document, transaction or message. They can appraise in telling the other party by the signer. 

They give far more inherent safety, and it is considered to fix the issue of causing any harm and impersonation in digital communications. Digital signature technology needs all the parties to believe that the individual making the signature can keep their private key secret. 

CocoSign as a Digital Signature Software 

This excellent cloud-based application has everything that one could ask for if you are looking forward to a reliable solution to go for. This tool helps you do all your work in the best way possible by digitizing your documents correctly.

You will not find anything better than CocoSign when it comes to high-quality performance. And pricing plans. All the subscription plans are cost-effective and can be purchased without any trouble. From here you can learn much more or try its homepage if you need to.

You don’t have to be worried about changing one because initially, you will probably go for the free plan and later can try out the paid version. All these plans are made according to the nature of your business. 

CocoSign saves a lot of time and energy that you previously invested in documenting work while waiting for the other business members to sign the documents. Within a couple of minutes, you can sign as many documents as you need to.

It is up to you in which sequence you want to arrange these documents. You can make multiple deals and sign on the spot with only having an internet connection and electronic device. Cellphones, tablets, laptops, work fine in this regard.

There is a higher possibility that you lose the documents while carrying them from one place to another. You don’t have to keep your confidential papers with you all the time as they might be misplaced or confidential information can be leaked. 

With electronic signatures, you can adequately do all the work and finalize your business agreements properly. All the work would be done within an instant, and you don’t need to be worried about anything.

As the application works like a pro, you can leave all your worries behind and do the work through online processing. Stay where you are and take out your phone to sign the documents even from distant places. You are not restricted in making deals with your business partners from a particular area, as now you can make contacts with people worldwide.

Physical presence doesn’t matter when you have this app in hand. You can stay miles and miles away without doing the signing work manually and save your time and energy that you spent moving from one place to another and waiting for the people to sign the papers so the rest of the work could be done.

The application keeps a record of everything in real-time. Whenever someone opens, edits, signs the documents that you previously uploaded, you will be notified about it at the exact moment. This also lets you know who is next in line and needs to sign the papers.

Doing the signing work through the paper is hectic as one needs to handle many things that are not easy and tiring. With CocoSign, you can do the work via automatic processing and put aside your worries. Within a few minutes, unlimited papers can be signed digitally. 

The investment that one makes in buying a paper cannot be ignored. With e-signature software, you can not forget about spending money on photocopies, scanning and printing and going the other way round. This will save you a lot that you cannot imagine otherwise.

Keep track of all the transactions and activities related to your business plans and monitor every single activity with the help of CocoSign. There is nothing in the work that this app cannot deal with as it knows all about your business needs and plans.

In the library of CocoSign, you can check out different templates that are suitable for your business needs. Go for the one that you think suits your work in the right sense. There is a wide variety for you to pick from, so here you will never run out of options.

All sizes and areas of your business will be dealt with under CocoSign. You can leave your worries behind and leave everything on the app to deal with. Whether your business is small or big, the software will know all its requirements and how it can be dealt with.

Adding Digital Signatures in Word with CocoSign

Step 1. There are many ways through which one can transfer the Word document that requires it to be signed. The leading way is to drag and drop the file in the field given. This can be done by opening the document file folder in a different document browser window.

Then again, signatures can be chosen physically through their area by pressing on the 'Pick File' choice. When the Word document is transferred, a preview of the document will be accessible.

Step 2. CocoSign offers various alters for signing documents, filling forms, and other authorities' needs. These include adding signature, date, text, or the initials, so choose the alters added to the report.

Step 3. Here in the document review, move the mouse over the region where the signature should be included. Press the mouse button, and the 'sign' choice will be there. 

Three choices can be attained to add an electronic mark. The primary alternative is to make a virtual endorsement using the mouse or trackpad. The second option is to draw the sign on a paper, filter the mark, and transfer it to the PC. This signature can be transferred to CocoSign.

The third choice is to write down your name and choose the suggested signature style given there. It is up to you which type you need to pick.

Step 4. In the end press on the 'Done' button and the document will be there for download. You can also make changes in the paper if you need to.


We hope that now you would be able to know how to make digital signatures in word format. CocoSign is an exceptional application with everything one needs to rely on to gain the best performance and excellent results. 

You can visit the official website of this software and learn much more about its usage and features. You have many other options, but you will not find anything better than this app in such reasonable pricing plans and the ease of use that comes along with it.

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