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How To Shop Safely on amazon & Contact a certain Seller?

With a size of around 1 billion items, Amazon is the biggest online shopping system on the planet today. But it's not unusual to see anyone on this platform make a buy. Generally, clients call Amazon Customer Service as complaints occur. However, if you can directly email the vendor, certain situations would be much smoother and quicker for you.

Look out for shady sellers on Amazon 

For more than twenty years, Amazon has been there and, since we all know, by a lot, it has become the biggest online store. Yet a recent investigation of 4,152 products on the web by the Wall Street Journal showed that what you see is not necessarily what you will get. 

Not even all Amazon vendors are fine, and the items you purchase can be dangerous, incorrectly labeled, forbidden, or simply not whatever you were initially told at all. On top of that, you cannot perform an Amazon seller search on the official site of amazon. In reality, for a number of the above factors, the study showed more than half of those things were troublesome. So how are you able to pick the good out of the bad?

Keep on reading to find out...

Stop counterfeit discounts 

A little wave of joy washes through them as customers see that a product they want is on offer. Rather than worrying about how much we invest, we begin to think about just how much we save or win. There are coupons and discounts and they generate a sense of desperation that leads certain individuals to purchase stuff they otherwise wouldn't. 

That pricing control is exploited by some sellers. On Amazon, there are a lot of items that are endlessly on "sale" and that makes it impossible to determine whether you get a genuine discount.
Search For a Top-rated seller by name on FindthisBest 

If you have had a good shopping experience with a certain seller & to contact him again you can search for him/her by using the Findthisbest. It is an amazon affiliate website with a list of top-rated amazon seller. 

All you need is to simply go to the official site, click in the top right corner on “sellers” & then enter the name or nickname of the seller in the search bar & click on the search icon. It will display all the relevant results from which you can choose the one you have been looking for.

Interact Fully With a Third-Party Seller

Via a third-party vendor, you buy an item on Amazon, and afterward, you find you've purchased the wrong color of the package or there is a misunderstanding about the number of items. In that case, what will you do? 

Messaging and waiting for them to respond to the Amazon customer care center? In the waiting time, the product could be packaged and on the way to you. Or are you going to consider losing money to have anything that does not fit?

That's the answer why you ought to urgently consult a third party. The key aim is to interact fully with the vendor about the item that you are misunderstood about and given a mutually advantageous compromise.

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