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FoneMonitor Review: The Best App to Monitor Kid’s iPhone

With the increased popularity of smartphones, the age at which kids have access to the devices has relatively reduced. It isn’t strange to notice how young toddlers are taken care of admirably with iPhones and iPads.

However, children using mobile phones can face various dangers and online threats. That’s mainly because toxic people, scammers, bullies, perverts, and other persons with wrong motives find kids to be easy targets. 

These are some of the reasons why you need to set up mechanisms to control your child’s cell phone usage. Here, we’ll show you how you can monitor kid’s iPhone activities with the best app online, FoneMonitor.

Part 1: How Can I Monitor My Child’s iPhone Activities 24*7?

The latest technological advancements in phone monitoring have made it possible to see what happens on your kid's phone round-the-clock. The best apps help you track the kid’s iPhone without them ever suspecting. 

We present to you FoneMonitor since it's trustworthy, reliable, and meets all the above qualities.

  1. A Quick Glance at FoneMonitor Solution

FoneMonitor is among top-rated phone surveillance and parental guidance software. Millions of users are already subscribed to the best plans online. Parents use the app to keep an eye on their daughters and sons every day.

Several prominent media channels like Business Insider and Digital Trends have lauded the app as the industry’s leading software. With FoneMonitor, you’ll not only have a vast range of powerful parental control elements but also keep tabs on your child’s doings and whereabouts.   

Besides, you’ll enjoy strict privacy policies for your/children’s data. Personal information is never stored on the app’s servers or shared with anyone. Unlike with other phone monitoring apps, FoneMonitor offers you excellent privacy protection.

2. How Does FoneMonitor Allow You to Track Your Kid’s iPhone Secretly?

Let's face it – kids, particularly teens, don't usually like how parents supervise them. At times it's better to monitor them in complete secrecy. In doing so, you can track their cell phone happenings without them shaking you off.

FoneMonitor’s designers developed it with stealth in mind. As parents, you can virtually be with your kid 24/7 without them knowing you’re tracking them. Let’s check out how the app works to ensure you don’t get caught.

The iOS variant of FoneMonitor is an entirely online-based platform. You can use the web service at any time and from any place using your phone/computer’s web browser. There’s no software download or installation required, meaning you’ll never touch the kid’s smartphone.

You only need their iPhone's iCloud account username and password. After that, FoneMonitor synchronizes with the linked iCloud backup data and fetches the required information instantly and remotely.

Visit the FoneMonitor homepage to learn more about how the app works, its capabilities, and how you can get started.     

Part 2: How Can I Keep Tabs on What Happens on My Child’s iPhone

With FoneMonitor, you’ll not require any programming or complex coding skills to monitor an iPhone. The application has an award-winning UI that’s effortless to use. Let’s check out its easy-to-follow procedure to start surveillance on your kid’s phone.

Steps to Begin Tracking Kid’s iPhone Without Experience

Step 1: On the FoneMonitor website, sign up for an account and subscribe to a plan of choice. 2: The setup wizard will prompt you to key in their name, age and select the kid's device OS as iOS.

Step 3: Proceed with the control panel and enter the child’s iCloud details for verification.

Step 4: Wait for syncing and click on the “Start” button on your screen to see your online dashboard. Scroll to the left and begin using FoneMonitor features.

Part 3: What Can Be Monitored Using FoneMonitor?

These are a few of the things you can achieve with FoneMonitor. Others include analyzing call logs, checking favorite contact names, recording phone calls, reading text messages, tracking phone's GPS location, and much more.

Installed App Usage: This feature is very useful in managing kids’ screen time and app usage. You can block app downloads, prevent in-app purchases, and regulate which phone applications they can have on their devices.

Browser History: You won't need to worry anymore about what kind of online content is consumed by your kid. FoneMonitor allows you to see visited sites on their favorite web browser and block access to unwanted websites.

Social Media Apps: Using this feature, you'll check what your child converses and shares with friends over social media apps. The app can secretly track WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Part 4: What Makes FoneMonitor a Perfect iPhone Tracking App?

Suppose you're still concerned about why FoneMonitor, the following-mentioned qualities would get rid of your worries. Here's what makes the software stand out from other parental monitoring applications:

No Jailbreak

One of the coolest parts about FoneMonitor is that it doesn't need you to acquire any technical skills. The app doesn't require you to jailbreak or breach your child's iPhone security to run, and anyone can use it.


No doubt you'll be asked to pay, but the subscription fees are nominal and wouldn't bother you much. Besides, given the set of parental control features, FoneMonitor encompasses, it's worth paying.

Real-Time Results

Once you have a FoneMonitor account, you can instantly track your kid’s iPhone remotely and with no delays. That’s since the app syncs with your child’s device iCloud backup account to provide real-time data.

Professional Customer Service

You need not worry about asking any questions regarding the software. FoneMonitor's team of qualified customer care is there to offer any assistance and help answer any of your queries.


Despite what you have in mind on how to monitor a kid’s iPhone without detection, however, if you ask us, we’d bet on FoneMonitor. The app is nominally priced, provides plenty of benefits, tons of useful features, and has an intuitive dashboard. It’s worth giving it a shot! 

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