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You want just a Car or "Hover car"???

How many of you are bored of your cars,that irritating engine sound screeching tyres and bumpy ride.

But don't worry because now the day is not far when you will be seeing the cars floating on the road ,isn't it good.

The picture which you saw above was of the hover car or also called flying car.The first ever hover craft was developed by the FORD in the year 1959 and was called levi car,designed to be levitated by magnet.

The capability of hovering above the ground eliminate the need of the tyre,isn't it a good news now you don't have to worry about changing your will also reduce your fuel consumption and that road bumps.

Will the car of the future look anything like the car of today? According to Volkswagen, it could look like a floating doughnut. The VW Hover Car is one of three concepts to come out of the People’s Car Project the German company company launched in China last year. It was recently presented to the public at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show.

In reality, the Hover Car would need electromagnetic strips embedded in the road to function. Electromagnetism would repel the vehicle from the ground, presumably the same way a mag-lev train operates. The Hover Car can also drive itself, since it will already be following a pre-determined path.

Most flying cars look pretty silly, and this concept by Lazzarini Design does too, but it’s also kind of intriguing. It is based on an Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 luxury car from the early 1920s and maybe even a few high-powered vacuum cleaners, too.

Instead of relying on a straight-eight engine or electric motors, this fantasy is all hover power and features four smallish turbine engines. It could hypothetically fly at speeds over 342 mph, according to Lazzarini—which would be plenty fast if the idea could actually fly.

So fasten your seat belt and wait for the future as these hover car will be as common as your Volkswagen cars and no need to worry about your tyre anymore.
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