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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ now available

Korean tech giant Samsung has officially launched their flagship killer for the year 2018 on 16th of March. S9 and S9 Plus, successors of the last year hit S8 and S8 Plus have finally surfaced after a lot of rumours and leaks.


The all-new S9 and S9+ do not look different than their younger brothers at all. The same dual curved edge display, OLED panel are the same. It still has the great aluminium metal build design and classy finish which looks awesome and feels outstanding in hand.

What's new?

The fingerprint sensor gets a change in its location from beside the camera to below the camera. This is a more convenient position that is easily reachable irrespective of the posture you hold the device in. The S9 gets 4 GB RAM while the elder S9+ gets 6 GB RAM on board, to churn power.

Under the hood is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which is the most powerful chipset out there. It gets an Adreno 630 GPU for graphics and Hexagon 685 DSP.

An upgraded camera, the only of its kind. The rear camera now houses a variable aperture for the camera.This means you can literally move from 2.1 aperture in daylight to 1.5 for low light snaps. You can physically see the aperture blades moving while you change it in the camera app. This is the smallest camera the world has seen, do it.

New colours include Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Lilac Purple. The global variant gets a special Titanium colour too. The Price has of course again seen a hike in S9 priced at 57,900 for 64 GB variant and 65,900 for S9+ 256 GB variant.


The many new features in the camera are all great including A Slo-Mo-Video recording, 960 FPS slow motion video capture. The hike in chipset and performance are an upgrade too.

The aremoji and iris scanner are not yet fully polished although, they are copied from Apple. But, you should not consider the S9 and S9+ unless you get bored of your S8 or S8+ and looking for an upgrade.

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