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Possible Features of Upcoming iPhones

iPhone X has created quite a hype since it's appearance in the October of 2017. Might be the dual camera or bezel-less display or the little notch at the top, every feature that tagged along was first of it's kind. Besides all these, iPhone X did not do well as the sales progressed.

 Now that we are at the end of the first quadrant, there is a lot happening in Mobile World Congress 2018. The next big date for an Apple event is an education-focused event on 27th of March. So, here are few things that we can expect about upcoming iPhones.Rumours have that there will be three successors to three iPhones X, 8 and 8 Plus. 

iPhone X production stop?

As the world saw, the iPhone x has consistently followed a downward path in its sales after it's launch. Analysts say that lowering the price of X doesn't make much sense when it's almost time for a new phone to come out. So, Apple might probably stop the production of iPhone X. 

Same design-build?

Will the upcoming phones sport the same aluminium all metal design? Well, it seems so. One of the most appealing reasons of the X, 8 & 8 Plus were their Aluminium design. The bezel-less display might still be adopted. Although about the notch, a lot of companies have proved that it is erasable so fingers crossed.

LCD or OLED display?

The iPhone X housed an OLED display whereas, the 8 and 8 Plus housed an LCD display. So, the successors of 8 might again sport LCD displays as they will be priced a little lesser in comparison. But, the so-called successor of X, X Plus might again sport a great looking, power saving and costlier OLED display.

Face-id still stays?

Face-id was the most touted about feature in the iPhones.This feature eliminated the physical fingerprint sensor and instead used face bio-metric features for security purposes. As other top manufacturers could not do well in developing this feature much, Apple might still continue this feature for security reasons like device unlock.

New Processor and iOS version? 

iPhone X's A11 bionic chip had a significant improvement in battery life, performance and ram management of the device. The devices of the upcoming line-up, are likely to come with an A12 chipset, a slight upgrade from the present day processor.

Not just under the hood but also the software was more refined in the iPhones of 2017 line-up. So the next-gen iPhones will possibly run on iOS V12 out of the box.

As all these are still rumours, we recommend you to take them with a pinch of salt.
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