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Top tips and trick to improve your iOS 9 experience

iOS has been one of the best user experience that smartphone industry has provided to users. Apple is very particular about its updates. As soon as the jailbreak industry starts focusing to jailbreak the new iOS version Apple is out with another IOS version with more features and bug fixes. But people jailbreak is not necessary to improve your IOS experience here are some tips and tricks.

Low power mode

One of the best feature that I love of IOS 9 is LOW POWER MODE if you aren’t satisfied with the battery backup of your iphone LOW POWER MODE will work as a life savior for you. Basically what it does is allow you to temporarily reduce power consumption by closing things like background app refreshment back ground app activities some visual effects are turned off. This feature saves lot of battery and that is what people want lots of battery you may have seen people carrying power banks with there iphone trust me people if you are at IOS9 you don’t need it any more.

Reduce motion

Lot of people feel the animation speed is slow and apple needs to speed it up. so here is what apple did now you have a feature that you can access in accessibility menu in general settings by turning this feature on it reduces the amount of animation on your iphone and looks like the phone is acting more faster than earlier . It may also save some battery for you.

Search bar in setting

The new update has brought you search bar in the setting so that you can quickly access the settings  that you need to change all you have to do is go to settings and swipe down your finger and you will find a search bar.

Back to app

Back to app feature so basically what it does is suppose you are in WHATSAPP and having a pretty good time chatting with your friends suddenly you get a FACEBOOK  notification and you directly click on the notification and switch to FACEBOOK now when you are done with FACEBOOK you will get a option to directly switch back to WHATSAPP where you have left on the top left corner of your screen this save a lot of time and you don’t have to go to your spring board again to switch back.

Swipe to dismiss and thumbnails in photos app

So you are in the photos app you just accidently clicked on the photo you dint wanna open so rather than clicking on the back button what you can do is swipe down your finger from up to down this will close the photo. The thumb nail view is also one of the great update in photos app you  have a thumbnail view of other photos to which you can switch directly without closing the present photo.

Ambient light

Basically if you put your phone facing down the phone will not light up when you get a notification because the phone knows no body is looking at the screen. This feature also helps in saving battery life.

Quick reply

Whenever you get a notification you can swipe down with your finger on the notification and quickly reply without opening the app. This may save a lot of time.

6 digit passcode

Must needed and important feature that I almost forgot to tell you guys. Now you can have 6 digit passcode rather than 4 digit all you have to do is go to settings then go to passcode click on the passcode option and then select 6 digit.

Hope these details may help to improve your IOS experience.Do you know any trick that you want to share with us, comment that in section dwn below..

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