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5 Most Visited Websites in India

1.Google  ( Category : Search Engine )
Google has been a integral part of our society.Any information under the sun can be found in google.It stands a way in-front of other searching websites.Google has been the ultimate 'guru' (teacher in Indian language) of the Indians.It finds us perfect solutions for our problems like finding your favorite food in some locality,doubts in different topics,queries regarding day to day problems and current affairs.Certainly there is no doubt in the topmost potion of google in top visited websites in India.

2.YouTube  ( Category : Video Streaming)
Another most visited website is YouTube.It stands in the top position when it comes to watching videos,sharing videos and online video streaming.It is place where most of teasers and trailers of movie is released.Certainly we can say YouTube is the 'google' of websites considering videos only.As per new adaptations we can watch YouTube videos offline too.This makes it one of the most popular website in India.

3.Facebook ( Category : Social Media )
Facebook is the website where Indians like to spend their leisure time.It is place where they share photos,videos and major events with their friends.It has been the most popular social networking site in the country.This addictive nature of Facebook makes it the one of the most visited website in the country.

4.Filpkart ( Category : Online Shopping )
Filpkart is the major online store in India.It sells a variety of products like mobile phones and its accessories,laptops,footwear,clothing etc on Flipkart.The variety of options for a single product and trust in the company have grabbed the minds of common people in India. The trend have changed to finding the products in online market rather than opting for a local market. This makes filpkart a most visited website in India. ( Category : Education & Wiki )
Wikipedia has been the most informative website for the people whom seek for knowledge.It consists of all the information about all the major things that exist in this world.It contains plenty of article on science,famous people,history and arts.Students finds this as the perfect solution for day to day projects.With all this Wikipedia also occupy a position in top 5 most visited websites in India.

Wiki is defined as a website or database developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.Origin

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