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LeEco Reverse In-Ear HeadPhone Review

The LeEco reverse in-ear headphones fit easily inside of the ear canal. The primary appeal of the earphones is its sound quality and noise isolation.The sound quality is excellent, even at high volume, we experienced some great output.

Because the sound drivers are so small, they do not draw a lot of power from the amplifier, allowing your device battery to last longer than usual. Most of the distortion in a sound system is from too little power to the speakers, but with these earphones this is not a problem.

LeTv In-Ear Earphone : Design
Letv (Leshi Internet Information & Technology) is a name that fans are crazy for, and for good reason. Not only they have excellent sound and build quality but everyone can afford, or simply seeks a need to. These retail for around 899 INR on LeMall, so these are clearly a more budget-minded offering at this low price point .

LeEco In-Ear Earphone : Cord

LeEco in-ear HeadPhone : Design
Available Color :
  • White : As elegant as pearls, as pure as snow
  • Black :Luxury that stands the test of time
  • Blue :Eye-catching yet simple
  • Pink :Young, hip, and fresh as flowers 
LeEco In-Ear Earphone : Box Content

Specification :
  • 47.25in cord
  • 0.5 oz net weight
  • Standard 0.14in plug
  • Moving-coil speaker unit
  • 20Hz-20kHz response range
  • 0.51in diameter driver unit
  • 4 color options
  • Extra earbud sizes to fit your ears

Our Verdict :
Overall, we think these earphones are very unique in its design and their functionality. With an incredible  life and selection of easy to use controls, comfort of use due to soft earpads, and current lemall price of under 900INR - these have an incredible value .we will highly recommend this headphones to our readers, these are cheap yet of a excellent quality.
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Watch our Unboxing and Review of Letv in-Ear Earphone


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