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Frontline Commando: D -Day: It is time to win a war.

Frontline commando: D- Day is one of the most successfully launched 3D Freemium action game from Glu Mobile available in Android and iOS. This D- Day is the follow-up of 2011’s Frontline Commando. This is follows the World War II theme shooters, but this is way different from the numerous contemporaries.

This D-Day is a third- person point to point shooter game throughout the Normandy countryside. This game features almost 145 missions with three set of goals for the players to accomplish. Each mission is rewarded with cash and other freebies sometimes; this cash is used to purchase new weapons. Also every time when the level goes up the player gets gold. This gold can be used to buy a small set of premium weapons.

Frontline commando is completely free with usual in-app purchase (to purchase the gold and war cash which is not necessary). Even without using these in-app purchases we can still enjoy the game to the fullest.

And the best part of Frontline Commando: D- Day is its Gameplay, this part is going to be very simple and more similar to other shooting games like you have to take cover, pop your head up to fire a few rounds, crouch down to avoid bullets and chuck some grenades but the best part is the graphics and the touchscreen control in this game is extremely good, with wonderfully striking off the soldiers with headshots. At times you need to take cover, when you need to move around, you’ll need to roll to your left or to your right, which gives you a better angle to knock your enemies off. 

Each mission includes three bonus objectives for you to complete, like one will be scoring from headshots, other will be completing the mission within 2 minutes, and the last will be completing the mission successfully.

The game varies itself nicely by offering different ways to take a break from shooting like you’ll get a chance to fight off tanks, hop in an anti-aircraft gun to knock down the enemy planes, jump into a mounted gun and roll off the full battlefield with ammos. At times you’ll feel the missions and levels are repeatedly same but somehow it is going to be fun.

This Free D- Day game also does put a strict limit on the weapons you can use and makes it difficult to purchase 3 stars in most of the later levels. If you are to earn 3 levels, then you need to own a super weapons and explosives which can only be purchased with that in-app purchase things called the gold and war cash. But I have been playing this game for few hours every day and I only managed to save a total of 35 golds. But an average rifle cost 120 gold in the game store and merely 2 bazooka shots will eat of 10 gold from you. 

Luckily, you will be able to take those tanks with grenades too but with a higher number, say if one bazooka takes off a tank then you need to have 4 shots for grenade. You can earn these grenades by playing the previous completed missions again to scoop up more grenades.

Finally, as a conclusion I would like to say that, I don’t know much about World War II, but this game D-Day made me feel like I was one among the battalion on the frontlines of Normandy. This gave me a perfect experience and whoever is looking for a more hardcore experience on the field on a handheld device, then this is going to be a treat for them. 

The game is really worth playing for its free price tag and make sure you keep your wallet at a secure place before you get into the game. It is going to be damn addictive. Be prepared for the war.

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