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Android vs iOS

Society has transitioned into a post -PC era. Most people are using mobile platform to perform various everyday task instead of a computer or a laptop. This year it's estimated that thirty are about 2 billion active mobile user on the phone. There phones are capable of doing various jobs like mobile banking , social media and also an unforgettable game like candy crush.

In addition to the host of many productive apps, these platforms have become great for gaming. 

Their is a a lot of hype that which mobile platform OS the best. All of geeks are arguing which is the best of all. It's no secret that Apple started the mobile smartphone movement and truly opened the gate for a full migration from our PCs. In three recent years Android has  showed is capabilities, the Android OS had really com into its own and took the world by storm.In fact, the current estimate report that the Android OS commands approximately 70% market share in the mobile OS arena. 

Each of the major mobile platform is evaluated from both side, as a user and a development point of view. As important as the user experience has become, any mobile OS is only as good as the developer makes it for the user. 

Platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on what you're already using and what you want to get out of your computing experience, any one of these three choices may be the superior option. Understanding your own goals and each platform will deliver the most positive experience possible. Failing to understand this will lead to disappointment. Fortunately, I'm here to try and help you make sense of the options available.


Apple has truly innovated the mobile OS when it introduced the first smartphone OS in 2007. Since that time the world has literally transformed into a post -PC era society expecting to live to live at the speed of information.

iOS was the one which offered users downloadable application  2010, once again turned the table by the introduction of iPad. a device that experienced success in each year till now. But now it's upset line is being competed by the another companies like Microsoft with its surface tablet line up.  

I believe that the not only Android the most popular smartphone OS but it is also positioned to be the dominant tablet and hybrid OS but the end of 2015 it's no wonder that Android (in some ways) is called the windows of the mobile platform. With multiple companies manufacturing there device powered but Android. After all Android give more flexibility to the user that iOS can match any time soon.

Android is the middle ground. With many of the features (and liabilities) of a true mobile OS, Google has tried to walk a line in offering the same kind of intuitive, light-weight mobile experience as iOS but with the power and flexibility of a traditional Windows desktop OS. They've done a pretty good job at this, which is reflected in the popularity of this platform.

However, the process has not been without compromise. In making a more flexible and powerful platform that supports more devices.While that may sound good to a lot of potential users, it means that Android is not as stable, predictable, or well designed as iOS. Things are just a little
less polished.

At the same time, for true power users, Android falls just short of being able to deliver a completely satisfying experience. I've been using Android daily for several years. I can leave the PC notebook at home for trips and travel, but I've had to adjust and learn "work-around" methods that include saving the heavy lifting for a real PC. For some users, this is good enough. If you want a little more power on the road but are still okay with needing a PC to finish things up when you return, Android may be a good solution for you.


After such a great success in recent years they saw the face of loss, this year Apple have declined in the profit but in India they grew 56%. But there Android never was behind apple in any way, if we compare each company differently, the companies were always behind apple in the revenues but Samsung was the one who wore the crown of selling the most number of moving phone in 2015.

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