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FAN Technical Aspect : A true " MADE FOR FAN " Movie

How can you transform a superstar into a ordinary, I mean a super-ordinary fan.. FAN is great way to show that transformation, I will try to keep this article spoiler free and will disclose only what that have reviled by trailer.

Aryan Khana is portrait by our own SRK, and he is great while playing himself on screen, but the real fun was watching adorable Gaurav *( in first half, later he turns evil )*, and for sure VFX are one of best till we ever experience in any Bollywood movie.

But can we compare it with James Cameron's Avatar, sure we can not, but at lest it gives extreme level of realistic feel, and as there is saying most amazing technology that can be used in movie is that which can't be identified by viewer.  Fan have used innovative visual effects techniques, that was created using new motion capture animation.

First half of Fan is adorable, cute and in a way reminds you why you are fan of SRK, you sometimes while watching movie you feels he is just like you. Special mention to dance steps, they are soo cool that tried that I tried them them too.

Second half is more of chase and conflict between a star and his fan, but only thing that bothered me was, why Aryan Khanna don't have any bodyguards. Well, Bollywood movies are not for logic, that is for sure now. 

If you are SKR FAN or love watching Bollywood masala movies, than it is for you.It is full of emotion, music, dance, but lack logic, But we can avoid that,can't we. I am not a movie reviewer,but if can rate, it would be 3.5 star, for its story, acting, editing and leading edge technology used into it.

Fan is one time must watch movie for every Indian, and if you are SRK fan, then we can watch it for like 100 more time..

So what are your opinion about this movie, have you watched it,or planning to watch it.. let us know in comment section below..

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