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CREO MARK 1 : Specification and in-depth analysis

A new smartphone every month, sounds tempting, isn't it. 

Creo, a Bengaluru -based  startup. have promised to provide experience of new smartphone every month, by giving software updates to user every-month. Creo Mark 1, priced at Rs 19,999 is available at Flipkart. After using this device for, here is my review and analysis of Creo Mark 1.

Design and Screen of Creo Mark 1

Creo Mark 1 : Design
Creo Mark 1 features 5.5″ QHD LCD (  big-screen ) display that have layer of scratch-resistant Gorilla glass 3. On side panel there are wide metal frame,  where you can get anything you want to do  device. 

Creo Mark 1 : Design 
Creo Mark 1 weights around 190g , it does feel a little hefty in comparison to other devices in this price range. Mark 1 have higher screen resolution of 2560x1440p in the display. As a result, the pixel density is 534ppi. That gives videos and pictures a sharper and crisper look . 

Creo Mark 1 : Design
On the bottom, there s USB  slot and speaker. At right side there are three round buttons, two for volume and one control power of device. On other side there two slot for micro SIM and micro SD card. Second slot is hybrid slot that can be used for SIM as well as SD card .

Creo Mark : Design
Hardware and Processor of Creo Mark 1

Creo Mark 1 is powered by a 1.95GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 SoC, which is Paired with a 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM. We have seen a variant of this processor with 3GB of RAM in the LeEco Le 1s smartphone, which is currently selling at Rs.10,999. 

Creo Mark 1 : Hardware

Camera of Creo Mark 1

The 21-megapixel rear camera in Mark 1 is powered by Sony’s IMX 230 Exmor sensor. It can record 4K videos and comes with interesting features such as Live Photo (video within a photo) and 3D photos (which uses both front and rear camera to take 3D shots). 

Software of Creo Mark 1

Creo Mark 1 comes with  FUEL OS, which is based on Android. It comes with features such as Sense, a universal search engine that can find anything on the phone and can be evoked by a double tap on the home button.

Echo, which is a voicemail service of sorts that can work with any carrier, Retriever, which sends an email to you if another SIM is inserted in your device, smart forwarding to forward calls from one SIM to another one it is unreachable, notification manager, and segregated SMS inbox for messages from people and businesses, with quick reply and copy OTP functions.

Creo Mark 1 : Software
But CREO's claim to fame is the 'A New Phone Every Month' initiative, where the company will push out updates to the phone every month that will add functionality to it. And the updates will be based on community feedback and what the users want, and you will be informed of all the changes before you install the update.

Battery of Creo Mark 1

The Handset is packed with a 3100 mAh battery that comes with fast charging facility. 

Our Verdict

I personally am bit disappointed with processor used in Mark 1, Why not snapdragon 820 , that's question one should ask, well you can't expect a new phone who have low processing. Otherwise everything in this phone is perfect,specially screen ,if you are interested in buying this phone then go on but we suggest to wait for sometime as it may see a price drop very soon.

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