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1. The Best HTC ever ?

The HTC seems to have overtaken LG G5 and now is the second best android phone in the market after Galaxy S7. Having 4 gigs of RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor, HTC has declared its rivalry to any top Android device company in the market challenging the likes of Samsung and LG. Despite not having an AMOLED display, there is frivolous difference between the display of S7 and HTC 10.

The quality of the camera has also been uprgraded as compared to HTC's previous releases, the highlight being the front camera which is the first in the world to have optical image stabilization.

2. Bold New Design

No other HTC phone looks as good as this. Period. Diverting from their previous designs, HTC has delievered a dazzling device which has sharp, oblique edges combined with sleek and aluminium body. The look is quite innovative in its own while maintaining the HTC legacy.

3. HTC Sense : Reborn

The way HTC built Sense into Android 6.0 sets a new bar for how slick and seamless an Android skin can be. It does a pretty good job of enhancing Marshmallow with stuff like the Blinkfeed news app and the fun new freestyle layout feature, but without getting in your way like Samsung's TouchWiz tends to do.

HTC even worked with Google to prevent having redundant apps, so you won't get multiple web browsers or calendars apps. Overall, this new version is clean, fast and functional.

4. Touch Fingerprint Sensor

In the modern world, you can't call a phone exceptional if it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor. HTC went a step furthur and removed the physical button, which is the common norm, and developed a particular mark to put your finger at. 

5. BoomSound

In a perfect world, every phone would come with front-facing stereo speakers. But given the location of the HTC 10's fingerprint sensor, that wasn't going to be an option on this phone. Instead of completely giving up, HTC turned the phone's earpiece into a single front-facing speaker, then synced it up to another downward-facing speaker on the phone's bottom edge. 

This gives you a more balanced, and quite loud speaker setup, with audio quality that trumps the Galaxy S7, LG G5 and even the Nexus 6P (front-facing speakers and all).

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