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Vox Soffit: very stylish and clean finish to domestic interiors- Installation and Review

VOX – an innovative European company manufacturing building materials and home furnishing products since late 1980’s is enhancing the experience of decor interiors in India now. The innovative new products from VOX’s range Soffit Infratop – Innovative Ceiling System, Kerradeco – The Innovative Wall systems – For Interior Wall Cladding, Max 3 external cladding systems, and Kerrafront External cladding systems are some of the latest offerings from the brand. These are innovative products that provide convenience, strength, durability, and ease to the design teams while giving a premium look to the property.

Vox Soffit is a very practical and totally trouble-free method of finishing the home ceiling, roof, terrace or balcony. It is made of waterproof material what makes it a convenient and economical alternative to wood and metal. The product is very durable, resistant to changing climatic conditions and does not require any maintenance. Its installation is quick and easy. It ensures proper ventilation and roof protection thanks to the use of perforation in the panels. Perfectly selected colour offer allows to match it to any house.

The Infratop Roof soffit system is designed to offer a very stylish and clean finish to domestic dwellings. It can also be used on terraces, Outdoor gazebos, Garage roofs, and mobile homes and gives a relevant desirable look to your home or office aura.

Declared Performance of Vox Soffit is as below:

The Infratop ceiling made of PVC planks is a practical means for finishing roofs. The planks are easy to install, durable and maintenance-free, saving your time and money. They are a modern alternative to metal or wooden ceiling and do not over burden the roof structure. Thanks to the elegant finish, they increase the aesthetic value of the house. The Infratop system ensures proper ventilation of the building and enables lighting systems to be installed.

A well-thought-out range of colours is an unquestionable advantage of the PVC ceiling lining. They have on offer a false ceiling of the Unicolor collection (white, brown or graphite) and a soffit of the Nature collection in several popular wood shades (walnut, golden oak and Winchester oak). The Infratop ceiling lining shall blend in perfectly with the most commonly used components of window and door joinery.

The semi-matt surface and subtle vein pattern on the boards from the Nature collection make the product look like a wooden ceiling design. The white soffit of the Unicolor collection, shall fit perfectly with any facades and white window frames. Choosing Infratop, once can get an elegant finish while maintaining high functionality.

Installation Process

The PVC ceiling is valued for its practical properties. The false ceilings are remarkable for high durability – they shall withstand changing weather conditions, such as rain, snow, wind or sun very well. They feature resistance to mechanical impact and biological corrosion caused by algae, fungi and bacteria. Unlike natural wood, the Infratop ceiling lining , does not require periodic maintenance. They are also light, which facilitates self-assembly and does not over burden the roof structure.

Finishing the roof with a false ceiling enables you hiding system components, for example wiring. It shall also help you to get the extended durability of rafters and other structural components of the roof. You may also choose to install the exterior ceiling lighting system, so as to give the household members sense of security, illuminate the terrace, and emphasize the beauty of the facade and the immediate surroundings of the building.

Thanks to the use of the click system and the appropriate stiffness the boards are maintaining, the ceiling installation is very simple. For assembly details, simply refer to the embedded videos. Their approach is always to see what the pain point of the customer is, what are the difficulties being faced by the builders in finishing a project and then provide solutions accordingly.

They have a warehouse in Bangalore and have distributors all across pan India. Supply chain is a very integral part of a company and they try to maintain a robust system because the customer is not going to wait if the product is not available. They maintain sufficient inventory there.

With the "click" system and increased rigidity of panels, the installation process is easy, quick and reliable.
The product is durable and resistant to changing climatic conditions. Easy to keep clean Resistant to biological corrosion. Semi-gloss surface of panels and their structure perfectly imitate the natural grain of wood, and ideally selected colours match the most popular items of joinery. VOX offers two soffit systems.

The first is the soffit with visible ventilation on SV-07/SVP-07 panel, mounted together with panels without perforation, i.e. SV-08/SVP-08. The second type is soffit with concealed ventilation SV-09 / SVP-09, which requires the installation of only one type of panel. Both perforation systems guarantee the best quality and many years of use. 

VOX soffit allows house owners to install a lighting system, cover its wiring and extend the service life of roof structural elements. It is ideal finishing for roofs and carports. It may be also installed on terraces and arbours.

The VOX brand offer includes three types of a false ceiling, i.e.: without ventilation, with perforation visible on the board and with hidden perforation. To ensure adequate air circulation within the roof structure, the perforated false ceilings are worth choosing. They are also shaped so as to prevent insects from getting to the structural components of the roof. The soffit is an effective barrier that wasps, bees and hornets shall not be able to overcome.

One may choose a specific solution according to their individual aesthetic preferences. When the ceiling lining with visible perforation has been chosen, it gain an interesting structure diversification - the boards with perforation are installed in combination with components without holes. Concealed ventilation, on the other hand, means using only one type of the boards. Airflow holes are integrated into the structure of the false ceilings and do not affect external look thereof.

Morning coffee on the terrace with your favourite book or in your favourite company? Many of us value these moments at home the most. Regardless of the weather, Vox products guarantee you comfort while resting in the fresh air. Appropriate light selection can make the atmosphere of a place different, better. The surroundings of the house acquire a better look.

Quick, intuitive installation, easy to clean, resistant to weather conditions and biological corrosion – thanks to these features, one can comfortably and effortlessly enjoy your home’s beautiful finish for many years. Not only does it save you time and money, as it does not require any maintenance, but it also results in lower operating costs. It acts as additional roof insulation which prolongs the life of roof structure elements.


Panels from the Nature collection are made using thermal printing technology. Thanks to this technique, panels are highly resistant to mechanical damage and sunlight. They look like natural wood. The latest colour, Winchester Oak, was made using Termodruk 2, a thermal printing technology. Because of that, the wood pattern on the soffit is even more diverse and interesting, without a repetitive effect.
when we spoke last with Mr. U. Vaidyanathan, President Sales (VOX), he informed us that they have done more than 5500 projects in India and demand is getting huge day by day. He also mentioned that they are continuously providing trainings to fabricators and installers and currently they have 1000+ installing partners across the country. 

Each product comes with 10 years of warranty and comes with quality checks from Vox, products are manufactured in Europe and they have a huge warehouse in Bangalore which fulfils the demand across India. VOX’s uncompromising commitment to quality ensures that the products are made from high-quality materials and are long-lasting. The products are designed to keep customer needs at the center and solve for new-age needs.

Kerradeco wall system is an ideal alternative to traditional solutions such as wood, marble, granite & veneer. A wide range of designs allows you to design beautiful interiors. Max-3 is a facade system for extreme conditions, which combines the advantages of vinyl and metal siding, with the use of innovative, three-layer technology, max-3 combines high mechanical resistance with the possibility of polymer material, related to shape, color and structure.

Outside wall transformation:


Inner ceiling transformation:


Washroom ceiling:

How Calculation works:

Room ceiling planks calculation

Exterior wall plank calculation

Some of the key features of Vox products are 

1. Made in Europe. These are premium quality product, not like Chinese products.

2. Visually appealing. The false ceiling is available as panels and in variety of colours. After fixing, these panels appear seamless. It is understated elegance at its best!

3. Natural wood look & feel. Many of us have the fascination of wood for ceilings, but wood has several disadvantages of not being weatherproof, problems of termite infestation and so on and so forth. VOX ceiling has a warm and natural feeling.

4. Suitable for all weather condition. VOX is specially designed for both indoors as well as outdoors. It is 100% waterproof. Thus rains and humidity is not a challenge where VOX Inftratop ceilings are concerned. Also, the grooves on the panel don’t let the water to be logged in. These are absolutely free of fungus and algae formation even in extreme humid conditions. It is heat resistant too. The design too is aerodynamic and thus we can easily avoid wind damages unlike real wood ceiling.

5. Water proof. The material used is 100% water proof. Even if there is a leakage in the roof, this does not damage the soffit ceiling panels, unlike gypsum or POP ceiling.

6. Flexible & bendable material. The false ceiling from VOX is engineered to be extremely flexible and durable as unlike the other varieties available in the market which may break easily. This feature is to be noted. As the area, where I have used these panels are also highlighted by means of lighting fixtures and in case, if I ever have to change these electrical fittings, easy and safe removal of these panels are guaranteed unlike in HPL or ACP ceiling.

7. Thin & light in weight. The major benefit of being light weight is, it can be used in any extended area without giving extra load unlike real wood ceiling.

8. Low maintenance. Due to all these special features, the maintenance of VOX ceilings is minimal. In addition to that this product is re-usable. It can be easily dismantled due to its locking features and re- used in any other space unlike any other material used in false ceilings.

9. Finished product. The panels are a finished product and only installation is required. Additional application of putty or painting is not needed as in case of other products available in the market like Gypsum or POP ceilings.

10. Warranty. 10 years of warranty in India, which I believe no other false ceilings offer.

Definitely, we will recommend this product to all the consumers, designer and interior architects and will rate this product as 9/10.

Anyone who wants to purchase the product or want to know more, can visit

VOX Building Products Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: 095285 00500


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