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 Greenlam Industries, India’s No. 1 surfacing solution brand, has launched a brand new film on sustainability, "The Gutli," to promote sustainability. The Titus Upputuru Company's new film depicts how the company believes in creating beautiful spaces without causing harm to our planet, while also producing better products using processes that are sustainable and have a gentle impact on people and the environment.


Our vision is to create a balance between economic growth and positive social impact by embracing methods that promote environmental protection. Greenlam Industries promises that no matter what your choice might be, we use products that are sustainable and live by the mantra Reduce, Reuse, and  Recycle. 


The new film "Gutli" (Seed) depicts a young girl named "Suguna" who is full of questions. After gaining knowledge that our planet is losing trees, she begins to worry about her father, who is a carpenter and relies on trees for a living. Suganaa then decides to plant trees to help not only her father but also the planet. At the end of the film, it showcases that, like the little girl, the company cares too, and hence "sources wood from sustainable forests."


The film has a beautiful song that symbolises a tiny seed and correlates it with the heart of the little girl:


Nanhi si gutli mori nikli

Aasmaan ko chune chali titli


Choti choti chotiyan

Badi badi akhiyan


Akhiyan mein sapne liye titli

Phirni si meethi mori gutli


O mori gutli…


Commenting on the launch of the brand campaign, Ms. Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries, said – “At Greenlam, we are constantly improving our product portfolio to offer the best surfacing solutions while being committed to people and the planet. We monitor our resources in real-time, which has helped us substantially reduce our waste production. We also conduct Greenlam plantation drives from time to time spreading the message of promoting a sustainable environment and protecting our mother earth. Through this brand film, we want to convey the message that Greenlam sources wood from sustainable forests, and till date, we have successfully been able to prevent the felling of a minimum of 8,000 trees through our paper waste recycling initiatives."


Commenting on the launch of the brand campaign, Mr Titus Upputuru, writer & director of brand film said –  “The film shows that we don’t need giant plans and purposes to help the environment today. Like the little girl, we just need a handful of faith and love. We can move the mountains and make this a happier, greener planet. It was a wonderful opportunity to write and direct ‘Gutli’ for Greenlam Industries.”


Please find the link to the film below : 


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