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Top 5 Must-Play Online Casino VR Games

Gambling has come a long way. Casinos started from brick-and-mortar casinos to online casinos. And now, Virtual Reality gaming has joined the industry.


Numerous online casinos are ruling the online community. And Bestindiaonline casino, a real money online casino site, is one of those. It offers the best games and bonuses for new and existing players.


Back to casino gaming, what has VR in store for gamers? And what are the essential things you need when playing VR games?


The Top 5 Online Casino VR Games

Listed are some of the best VR games that are worth playing.


VR Casino

The VR casino has slot and table games. Blackjack, Baccarat, and Cosmic Wild are some games included here.


You'll also receive a decent bonus of 1,000,000 Chips. The games are easy to play, and the UI is great.


Big Spin Slots on Gear VR

Big Spin Slots gives you a tremendous experience with its current Pirate Adventure theme. You can play your precious slot games in a VIP room or aboard a pirate ship.


You'll receive daily rewards like free spins and bonuses. Plus, you'll need a VR headset to enhance your focus.


Bullet VR Roulette

Roulette is a proven popular casino game. In Bullet VR Roulette, you are at the table with strange men you can shoot when drawing cards.


It would be best if you were quick-witted and sharp to survive till the end. VR headsets like Oculus Rif or Valve Index and a VR controller are required to regulate the characters.


Apollo Slots VR

Apollo Slots VR is the ultimate edition of the Apollo Slots Demo app. This game is offline, so you can play it anywhere without an internet connection.


You can lock up to four reels per spin. It will extensively boost your odds of winning. You can also play Apollo Slots VR with your friends, which is incredible.


Casino VR Poker

Casino VR Poker is one of the greatest VR casino apps you would surely like. The game is interactive, has stunning graphics, and gives a unique real-world vibe. The game is still worth it even if you can't play it with actual money.


Characteristics Of Casino VR Games

Below are some of the elements of online casino VR games.


Chat System

You can speak with other players and dealers, making the entire experience more enticing.


More Interactive Table Games

You can choose your 3D table with VR casino games. You can also interact with other gamers and with a live dealer.


Real Looking Slot Machines

Upon comparing old casino games with the recent ones, you'll discover how lifelike they've become. Online VR casino games are the next best thing after land-based casinos.


Real Casino Sounds

You can hear real-life casino sounds when you spin the wheel or roll a die. This effect makes VR games more alluring.


Benefits Of VR Casinos

Here are some benefits of VR Online Casino to players.

  • The social factor of VR games is influential. Gamers can enjoy conversing at online casinos from the comfort of their homes.
  • The Live Chat option is occasionally accessible for gamblers to chat with actual dealers.
  • A considerable collection of games available is set to develop.
  • It provides gamers the chance to slip out of their day-to-day habit.
  • Playing at a VR Casino allows you to gain cash without entering a land-based casino.


Essential Tools You Need For Playing Online Casino VR Games

Here are the three essential things you need with VR casino games.


Required Computer Specs

Listed below are the recommended specs for your PC set.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5- 4590 counterpart or greater
  • GeForce GTX 970 or greater
  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows 7 SP1 or higher
  • USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3
  • Head-mounted display

VR Headset

Virtual Reality gaming compels you to wear a special VR headgear. It will allow you to get the whole VR gaming experience. A VR headset is essential because the graphical needs of VR games are extraordinary.


Data Glove Controller

When playing VR Games, you must ensure that you acquire a data glove. The game will detect your presence when using a data glove.


The bio-sensing of a data glove has numerous small sensors that perceive how your body moves. After the glove detects your movements, the computer will analyze them.


Nevertheless, the game developers ensure you can still play the games using your controller or keyboard. This action assures you that you don't have to purchase any costly device.


Getting Ready For VR Gaming

Now that we've tackled all the essential things that VR gaming offers, it's time to start checking the requirements. Make sure to have a checklist ready, from the computer specs to the VR tools.


After acquiring everything, it's time to choose your VR game. Now's the time for a next-level and unique gaming adventure.


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