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How to win Fortnite: 8 tips to get better and score a Victory Royale

Epic Games' Fortnite battle royale mode gives you an experience that seconds none. Moreover, bagging a Victory Royale in this shooter title is nothing compared to what you have in its predecessor – Save the World mode. Victory in this battle royale is all about tactics and strategy.

You’ll surely make some big moves and kills if you have some of the big guns at your disposal. But you’ll need way more than that, which is what we’ll be sharing in this post. Along with the 8 tips you’ll find in this post, grab Fortnite cheats from Battlelog for any difficulties you face in your journey.

8 Tips To Win in Fortnite’s Battle Royale

1.   Focus on staying alive

Foremost, you should know that you'll need all your opponents dead before you get the Victory Royale. However, it's not your duty to kill all of them because they have other enemies who want them dead.

Stay away from fights until the last seconds of the match when the circle is smallest, except they’re unavoidable. More so, you’ll have fewer opponents to tackle.

2.   Know when and where to drop

You don't want to jump into a battleground with a horde of enemies. Of course, you know that this leads to defeat most of the time. Two things to consider at the beginning of your matches are where and when you land.

So, wait in the Bus until the last few players are on board. If you need loot, go to POIs far away from the Battle Bus’s flight path. Avoid popular locations such as Paradise Park and Tilted Towers.

3.   Utilize sound

The loud rattling of guns is what you’ll hear most of the time, especially if you’re not using headphones. An important sound you should listen for is that of footsteps, which only gets loud when the player is nearby.

You can hear footsteps from a larger distance if you have headphones on. Use this as an indicator when enemies tread too close.

4.   Modify the sensitivity

You want your movements to be steady and your headshots to go exactly where you want them, right? Then the game’s default settings are worth tweaking a little bit. The setting responsible for this is the Sensitivity setting.

This will also help you play the game at your pace, depending on your playstyle. Some sensitivity aspects you should tweak are advanced Look sensitivity and ADS sensitivity.

5.   Adjust other settings as well

In addition to the sensitivity of your games, other settings require some adjustments. Switch on Auto-Run so that you can channel your concentration on other actions. Others such as Turbo Building, foot controller, and Sprint Cancels Reloading should be on. Also, switching your Build Controls setting to Builder Pro will help you build faster.

6.   Don't waste time on inferior loot.

Another important thing is knowing which loot you can make sacrifices for and which ones you should sacrifice. In matches, you have limited time to stay in certain areas. This happens mostly when an enemy is behind you, or you have the storm at your tail.

These are the available loot colors in the game, in ascending order of importance: grey, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. If it’s not worth the risk, sacrifice it.

7.   Good building skills are needed.

Scoring the Victory Royale places a demand on your building skills. You’ll need at least an average in-game crafting skill to do better.

One important thing you should build is 3 U-shaped walls with a ramp in the middle. This will help serve as a shield of sorts. This structure will help shield you from bullets from sides and behind you while you focus on enemies from ahead.

8.   Visit Upgrade benches

You could be using the Meta weapons and still face an opponent giving you a tough time. Sometimes, this could be because the Meta weapon you’re using needs some upgrades. You’ll need to visit the nearest Upgrade Benche on the island for upgrades. 

More importantly, you’ll need Gold Bars for payment. You’ll get Gold Bars upon completing tasks such as bounties or destroying washing machines.


It doesn't take much to get your long-awaited Victory Royale if you have a combination of the right tips at your disposal. Furthermore, you'll reduce the weight on your shoulders if you play in quads instead of solo or duos. More so, you'll have fewer enemies to contend with. Utilize the tips above to the fullest, and your Victory Royale is just a reach away.

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