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Meet ZOOZ: Payment Orchestration Platform

 Zooz is a lading payment orchestration platform in the world. It allows organizations to manage various providers in a single scalable and secure platform. 

Zooz is a comprehensive payment orchestration platform that supports the implementation of payment strategies. It assists businesses to consolidate payment data and the inclusion of more payment providers. 

Also, the platform supports the optimization of the payment stack as well as the return on their investment. Through Zooz’s orchestration layer, merchants have the tools they need to route payments. 

Also, merchants get to A/B test them and improve their performance thanks to smart reporting. The platform lets businesses leverage payment data in strategic decisions with the aim of increasing revenue while decreasing operational costs. 

Zooz offers an open payment orchestration platform. It is designed to maximize payment performance, especially for businesses experiencing hypergrowth. 

Zooz’s trusted platform allows unlimited gateway connectivity with various PSPs. It also supports the extraction and aggregation of data as well as continuous optimization of the payment cycle. 

Because of its flexibility, it is easy to adjust payment stacks and scale them to remain streamlined. As such, it serves the needs of businesses irrespective of their size. Zooz offers some of the best features in the industry. 

For instance, it offers dynamic transaction routing. This allows businesses to establish an effective payment infrastructure capable of adapting to changes in the market. 

International businesses have to deal with various markets, acceptance rates, and providers. Gateways have the role of routing transactions to target acquirers and the right payment service providers. 

It critical process that happens behind the scenes but affects customer experience, approval rates, and scalability. Zooz provides over 100 routing configurations to ease the achievement of business goals. 

Routing rules are based on one or more configurations. Also, the rules can change instantly resulting in an immediate effect on your revenue. 

Besides, Zooz allows businesses to maximize approval rates. With the Zooz Instant Retry tool, you can salvage failed transactions arising from technical errors or financial declines. 

Through Instant Retry, Zooz provides businesses alternative routing strategies as a way of maximizing authorization approvals. In 2020, Zooz customers salvaged 9.5% of failed transactions. 

Best of all, Zooz ensures businesses never grapple with managing multiple token systems from various payment providers. It consolidates all the token systems into a universal token vault. As such, it prevents provider lock-in whenever you wish to change your payment stack. 

Additionally, the Zooz token vault is PCI compliant. On top of that, Zooz simplified the tokenization process. Each payment processor requires the use of its credit card token. The simplified tokenization aligns with all your providers offering you maximum control and flexibility. 

With Zooz, you get access to a real-time, consolidated, and easy-to-use analytics dashboard. It delivers detailed insights into all your operations. 

The sophisticated analytics let you optimize payment and understand areas that require attention to improve revenue. It is almost impossible to extract quality insights from fragmented payment infrastructures. 

As well, Zooz ensures it complies with the highest industry standards such as 3DS, PCI 1, and SCA.

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