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Prepostseo Which one Offer Much Better Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing has now become a new writing trend. Writers, bloggers, and almost all sorts of people use paraphrasing tools daily.

There are dozens of tools present online. Not all of them are accurate or reliable. Some of them are ridiculously wrong.

They change the meanings of the words and sentences while swapping the words with synonyms. Some of them are good too.

Following is a comparison of two online and free paraphrasing tools. You may use them and check their efficiency on your own.


Prepostseo is one of the best free online websites providing content writing tools. It has a large number of tools providing aid to content writers.

Paraphrasing Tool by PrepostSeo

One of the most featured tools of this site is the Paraphrasing tool. It is a tool full of assistance for the writers.

A very affluent and user-friendly application has also been launched by Prepostseo. It is as much accurate as the online tool is. Download it directly from the google play store for free.

The online tool is free for all users. It is very simple and handy to use. 


A lot of features are provided in this tool.

  • Online access

  • Free to use

  • Copy-paste paraphrasing

  • Upload from the storage

  • Paraphrasing at the human level so it may easily be understood by humans.

  • Paraphrase in various languages

  • Real-time word count

  • Direct share from the site

  • Option to exclude the necessary words, symbols, etc.

  • Different paraphrasing modes:

  • Simple

  • Advanced

  • Fluency

  • Creative


It is easy to use. It has simple working with the most accurate results. The working can be understood by the following processes.

Simple mode

First of all, use the upload option or paste the text that you want to paraphrase.

After you have pasted the required text, click on the green “Paraphrase” button.

You will have the results in such a form like this:

This will paraphrase your content in a flash of an eye. A lot more options will pop up at this stage. You have the facility to paraphrase this again. 

You can change the synonyms of the underlined words as you click on them and select the best out of the options. You can add one of your own too.

This work was done under the simple mode of the tool. It has three more tools which are even better. 

They have a little work difference according to the scenario.

Advanced mode

The advanced mode of this tool is a bit better than the simple one. It provides a color scheme for the words that are swapped by their synonyms.

This feature also allows you to change the synonyms according to your requirement. You can swap or change the word by clicking on it and selecting from the default. You can also add one of your own.

Fluency mode

This mode is based on state-of-the-art AI technology and is much accurate than the rest of them. It not only changes the words but also swaps phrases to make them more accurate.

It underlines the words and phrases that are swapped.

This mode changes the words and phrases according to fluency priority. It swaps the words with their most fluence and easy-to-use synonyms and words.

The paraphrased data is now easy and fluent to speak and read. This mode has various more options. In this mode, after paraphrasing, you can:

  • Directly copy the paraphrased data from the site.

  • Download the file from the site.

  • Check for plagiarism.

  • Check for Grammar.

  • Summarize the content to make it precise.

Creative mode

This mode is also based on state-of-the-art AI technology. It has the best results out of all the modes. It swaps and changes the words with the best of its alternatives.

It creates more creative and affluent paraphrased content from the one you provided. It also works simply with one click but has more benefits. It removes plagiarism from the content you provide.

Its result layout is just like the fluency mode. The difference in both of these results is that the creative one gives paraphrased content with a creative touch. is also an online and free tool to use. It is full of online and free features. It also offers a paraphrasing application for android users. The application can be downloaded directly from the google play store.

Some of its significant features are discussed below.


  • It provides three different paraphrasing modes.

  • Fluency

  • Standard

  • Creative

  • You can upload the file from the storage.

  • You can also paste the text in the given text box.

  • It provides paraphrasing in multi-languages.

  • It allows up to 1000 words to be paraphrased in the meantime.

  • It provides human-level paraphrasing.

  • Doesn’t lose the original meaning of the content.

  • It provides access from all around the globe and can be used from any device.


A very simple and handy tool to use. It is much easy to operate. Just a click and you get what you desire.

Its works as described in the following illustrations:

Fluency mode

It is the first mode of this paraphrasing tool. It just swaps the words with their fluent synonyms.

You just have to provide the data to the tool and it will paraphrase your data. Click the button,” paraphrase” and your results will open in a matter of seconds.

It has changed the words with their best synonyms. You can copy it to your clipboard in order to paste it wherever you want to.

It doesn’t allow you to change the synonyms after the paraphrasing is done. You have to stay with the choice of internet. You can not choose from your desired ones.

Standard mode

This mode is one step ahead of the last one. It has chosen the best synonyms out of the internet to provide you the best results.

Creative mode

It has swapped the sentence structure and made it more readable. It also has changed the words with synonyms.

It doesn’t have too many options but is much accurate than the regular tools.

Comparison Table





General word limit


1000 words

AI word limit

5000 characters

1000 words

Paraphrasing modes

4 (2 simple, 2 AI)

3(1 Simple, 2 AI)

On-site sharing



Real-time word counter




8 different languages

2 different languages


Not required

Not required


Both the tools stand out in their abilities and benefits. Both of them are easy to use and reliable tools for quality paraphrasing.

Prepostseo is having 4 different modes but Paraphraser has 3 of them. Both the tools have accurate and quality paraphrasing modes.

Both of them are free and online and hence can be accessed by anyone from anywhere at any time. No registration is required for any of these tools.

They are both good in their work and accurate in their results. You may use any of them, both give very accurate, précised and comprehensive results.

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