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Discovering Portimao, The Algarve's Hidden Gem

Portimão’s boardwalk is the perfect place to walk off your fishy lunch.

Portimão is a stunning port city right in the centre of the Algarve. It is most famous for its fish canning history and its stunning beaches. If you enjoy sun, sand, and sardines then Portimão should immediately go to the top of your holiday list. Those who are lucky enough to be exploring Portimão should take a little inside advice, as there are some tourist traps out there, but some incredible hidden gems too.

Eat at Maria do Mar

Once you've dropped your bags off at the hotel, you'll be hungry for some lunch. There are hundreds of brilliant fish restaurants to choose from in Portimão, but one that offers something a little different is Maria do Mar. This restaurant specialises in Portuguese canned fish, with more than 300 different varieties on the menu. Whilst a tinned tuna sandwich might seem pretty run of the mill for most of us, the artisanal canned fish here is far more exciting. Your fish will be served with freshly baked bread, homemade salad and local wine; a little more elevated than canned sardines on toast! Savour your lunch here as next on the agenda you'll be finding out exactly how it was made.

Stay at the Algarve Casino Hotel

You've made it through the flight, you've downloaded your travel apps, your sunglasses are on and you're ready to begin! To get the very most out of your stay, being situated right in the middle of things is always an important quality to look for in a hotel. The Algarve Casino Hotel is not only just a couple of minutes walk from the bustling marina, it also looks out over the stunning Praia da Rocha beach. It offers five star accommodation with a stunning pool, a casual bar and its own spa and casino. If you wanted to remain entirely in the resort there's enough to amuse yourself for at least a long weekend, but we're here for an adventure, so let's go!

Visit Museu de Portimão

Anyone who enjoys a cultural city break will enjoy this unusual museum. Set inside a former sardine canning factory, the Museu de Portimão offers a glimpse inside the industrial history of the city. Your 3 Euro entry fee will allow you to explore the fascinating history behind the factory and the importance it played in Portimão's history. This industry was the main source of income in the city for a long time and the original factory line can still be seen in action at this museum. All of the information provided is in both English and Portuguese, so you might even learn a few words that will come in handy at dinner time.

Walk From Praia do Vau

The views from Praia do Vau are particularly beautiful around sunset.
Once some of the heat has left the midday sun, it's a good time to head to the beach. As your hotel is situated right on the Praia de Rocha, there's a perfect walk that will show you beautiful sea views on one side and some interesting snapshots of the city on the other. Start your walk at Praia do Vau and walk back along the beach, or the boardwalk, towards town until you get to Praia da Rocha. This walk will take you past breathtaking rock formations, as well as plenty of beachfront shops, and bars if you fancy stopping to watch the sunset.

Time for some entertainment

If you're staying in a hotel that's famous for its casino, then a drink at the bar and a game of roulette is the perfect way to round off a busy day of sightseeing. There are plenty of table games at the Algarve Casino Hotel, and helpful staff who will guide you through how the games work. Of course, if all of that sightseeing has worn you out and you're worried about falling asleep at the roulette table then fear not. There are plenty of sites where you can enjoy the excitement of the casino from the comfort of your hotel bed. Better still, many online casino sites offer incentives if you haven't played with them before. These bonuses could range from free spins on the slot machine, to a deposit match, so you could turn just a couple of euros into enough playtime to see you drift off to sleep, ready for a whole day of exploring tomorrow.

Experience The Festival da Sardinha

If you've planned your trip just right then you'll be arriving during August for the annual sardine festival! Once you're well rested, head out into town and anytime after midday you are guaranteed to find something sardine-y to take part in. There is music and fireworks in the evening, but during the day plastic tables and chairs pop up all around town for you to sit at and enjoy super fresh grilled sardines.

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