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Top 10 Travel Apps for Android

Are you are an Explorer? Like to travel to different cities? Eat Different cuisines?  If Answer to all the questions is yes, then there would’ve been many problems you might have faced when travelling. And many a times you would have been confused about a lot of things. The following are the list of 10 Applications that you should always have in your smartphone while travelling.

1. MakeMyTrip, Flights Hotels Bus

This app offers a one stop solution for planning your journey. This app can be used to book flights (one way and trip) both Indian and International flights. This app also allows us to book hotels and buses with interesting and exciting offers. You can also pay for hotel at hotel itself.

2. Google Maps

This is the app that can be used to navigate to different places in different cities throughout the world. This Application comes with a GPS support to make the travel easier. This app also lets us search for places to eat, stay and gives us direction also.

3. ASKME- The Bapp of All Apps

This is a new app that has hit the market and acts as one application for different apps that already exist in the market. This app conveniently lets us search for places to eat, shop, drink, play, stay and allows us to view reviews of different neighborhoods.

4. City Guides and Offline Maps

This app is comes packed with information about 150 top cities from around the world. This app also comes with GPS and offline maps. The information is about foods and restaurants, Attractions, Bars and Pubs, Cafes, Free WI-FI Hotspots and many more things.

5. Google Translate

This app has been created by Google to remove the language barrier that stops people from communicating with other people around the world. But this app can also be used while travelling to understand and talk to people from around the world. This App offers translations between 80 languages and can be used to translate text, speech and even images. This app works offline too.

6. Viber

When we travel often we feel that we haven’t talk to our friends and family at our native places. This app shortens the gap by allowing us to talk without spending any ISD call money. The App just requires an active Internet connection or a WI-FI Network to connect to. Text messages can also be sent using this app free of cost.

7. Xe Currency

This is a free app that can be used by travellers to convert currencies that exist anywhere in the world. This app uses current rates through Internet and converts with accuracy. This App can also run offline by using the last updated rates. 

8. City distance

City Distance app is a simple app that gives us the distance in KMs/Miles between any two cities in the world. All you need to do is Enter the source and destination cities. The source city can also be chosen automatically as current city.

9. Skype

This is an app which is so famous that no description is required for it. Skype was a video call messenger for PC but now also comes as an application for your smartphone. The only thing you need is an active 3G internet or a WI-FI network for using this app.

10. Street view on Google Maps

This is an additional Extension for the Google Maps application. This app lets us explore the world at street level and makes navigation easy. We can see Landmarks and explore places.
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