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Truke Yoga Power Neckband earphones and Fit1 ear buds review. - Interesting product at interesting price

Truke has made some great music accessories and disrupted the budget segment market in India. The company has tried to offer attractive earphones with great specs at affordable prices. Speaking of the latter, truke announced the truke yoga power neckband and fit 1 ear Buds Wireless recently, which is the company's first attempt at wireless earphones.

But the truke neckband and wireless fit 1 Buds Wireless do not look like "first-attempt" earphones. In fact, they look like earphones coming from a company that knows exactly what it is doing. After using the Buds Wireless for over a week, I can safely say that they are among the best wireless earphones you can buy for under 1500 rupees.

Truke Buds Design and Comfort

The Buds Wireless earphones come with a neckband-style design. It gets a slim rubber neckband with metal houses on either ends that rest on your collar bone. The neckband is flexible with just the right amount of rigidity that lets it sits comfortably around the back of your neck. It is soft and light too so you won't even realise it's there. In fact, the entire Buds Wireless feel quite light, including the plastic earbuds. This is part of the reason the earbuds are comfortable to use for hours together.

I will say battery life is amazing and it can last upto 24 hrs on single charge when used moderately. plastic quality could have been improved but looking at cost we will take it on a plus.

Truke Yoga Power Neckband Wireless are Bluetooth Earphones that comes with 9mm Dual Driver Speakers and 360mAh Battery.

The other reason why the earbuds feel comfortable to use is the silicone eartips, which are extremely soft and sit well inside the ears. The Buds Wireless come with magnets to magnetically attach the earbuds when not in use. 

Talking about the controls on the right, there are raised markings on the buttons so you can feel the controls, but you will still need to know which is which by memory. The top and bottom buttons are for volume control, while the center button can be used to pause music or answer calls.The buttons offer a nice tactile feel and are easy enough to use.

Overall, I have to say that I was quite impressed with the sound quality delivered by the Buds Wireless. Most of the songs from different genres sounded rich and lively. There is a good balance between mids and highs and the earphones also deliver a very pleasing bass.

Sound quality aside, it is also worth knowing that the Buds Wireless earphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 and support for AAC codec, but lacks aptX support. 

The Buds Wireless are excellent pair of wireless earphones that deliver a rich sound experience. It delivers clear sound with a decent soundstage and good bass punch on multiple music genres.
Under Rs 1500 truke Buds Wireless is as good as they come. It's an easy recommend for anyone looking for affordable wireless earphones with good battery life. The magnetic clasp, soft rubber eartips and neckband all help to make the earphones comfortable to wear and work with.

The charging case is sleek in design – you can carry it in your pocket easily. We liked that it has magnet lock for the earbuds to fall in place for charging. Also, the top lid locks in the case, this ensures that the earbuds don’t fall out. There is also a battery level indicator on the inside and a micro USB charging port on the back of the case.

Fit 1 Bass definitely lives up to its name in terms of the bass output. It is one of the few true wireless earphones that deliver thumping bass and handles the low frequencies very well. Bass lovers would immediately like this one in our opinion.

we got 4-5 hours of music in single usage, which is pretty decent in this price. these are available for Rs 1499 at amazon.

One of the things that make the Fit1 earbuds stand out from the crowd is its compact design. Both earbuds also are small in size and therefore do not protrude out from the ear when in use. We also liked the secure fit of the earbuds – they didn’t get loose or fall out during running/jogging. 

earbuds have a large single button on the rear – every time you press the button, you push the earbud inside your ear. Which is a point to be taken but we will take this in this price. This comes with 50 mah battery and intotal with 300 mah battery with casing. 

Both devices support bluetooth 5.0 and are well priced in this segment. we will rate Yoga power neckband 8/10 and Fit 1 earbuds 9/10.  

you can purchase these devices from Amazon. Links provided below:

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