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TeamViewer introduces Patch Management

TeamViewer, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of Patch Management, as part of TeamViewer’s Monitoring & Asset Management product.
“Keeping IT systems up to date is critical, as neglect or outdated software can lead to significant vulnerabilities, making room for cyber attackers”, says Dr. Mike Eissele, Chief Technology Officer at TeamViewer. “Patch Management is our integrated solution for SMBs and Enterprises, which enables our users to easily detect and patch vulnerable, outdated software. This has been a much-requested feature from our customers and we are happy to finally be able to offer it.”

Depending on the size of the company, the types of devices in use and the geographic distribution of the employees that use them, managing the patch management of an entire IT infrastructure can be quite a challenge. Especially when all it takes is one unpatched device to put the entire IT infrastructure at risk. With Patch Management by TeamViewer, it is now much easier to keep IT systems up to date and safe by automatically evaluating, testing, and applying patches to operating systems and even 3rd party applications - no matter how large or geographically dispersed a company is. From now on, users can not only detect outdated software versions with TeamViewer, but can easily take action and roll out a necessary patch in no time. With Patch Management, users will never miss an update again.

The key benefits of Patch Management with TeamViewer are:
·        Vulnerability detection: Patch Management detects vulnerabilities by automatically scanning for outdated software and operating system versions, providing users with a more in-depth insight  into their IT infrastructure thereby increasing proactive intervention, well before incidents might occur.
·        Patch Deployment: With Patch Management, users can remotely deploy patches for 3rd party applications and operating systems. They also have the possibility to automate this process via their patch management policies.
·        TeamViewer integration: Since Patch Management is fully integrated into TeamViewer, users can roll out their patch management solution to their entire network effortlessly with just a few clicks, through the TeamViewer Management Console.

Patch Management by TeamViewer includes the following features:
·        Windows & 3rd party application updates: Users can keep devices running Windows up to date by managing, monitoring and deploying updates for Windows as well as hundreds of 3rd party applications centrally and automatically.
·        Intuitive interface & easy roll-out: Users can see all the different status updates of their devices and all available patches from one convenient location. Fully integrated into TeamViewer, patches can be deployed remotely with the click of a button.
·        Automation & custom policies: In addition to the automatic vulnerability detection, users can set up Patch Management to also patch software and operating systems automatically. By defining individual patching policies, users can accommodate the needs of end-users, entire company departments or different customers.

Furthermore, Patch Management is part of TeamViewers Monitoring & Asset Management product, which provides users with the additional benefits of:
·        Proactive device monitoring: Monitor crucial system aspects such as online state, disk health, CPU usage and more. Users can set individual monitoring policies for these parameters and get notifications to prevent problems from happening.
·        Network device detection and monitoring: Monitor the availability and fault of all network devices such as e.g. printers, routers & switches by scanning for all connected devices to help reduce undesired downtimes and provide a stable work environment.
·        Increased IT system visibility: Users can keep track of all deployed assets and gain valuable insight into their IT infrastructure by gathering important device information such as e.g. internal and external IP addresses, the hardware in use, as well as installed software.

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