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Life is Good with LG

Social responsibility has become increasingly important to companies over the last few years. Whether it's by empowering people, helping the environment, or providing products and services that focus on welfare of the citizens, most of the companies are now incorporating social responsibility into their overall business strategy. 

Being socially responsible, a company can also bolster its image and build itself as a trustworthy brand. The public perception of a company is extremely critical to a consumer. By projecting a positive image, a company can make a name for itself for not only being financially profitable, but socially conscious as well. When companies are involved in the welfare of the community, they stand out from the competition. In fact, multiple research studies indicate that consumers trust brands that do CSR more. 

Moreover, brand salience plays a vital role, in the influence of CSR initiatives on consumer loyalty. The consumers prefer doing business with a brand they can trust. Some consumers are also willing to pay more for a product if they know a portion of the profit is going to worthy cause. 

Social responsibility also empowers most of the employees of a company to leverage the corporate resources at their disposal to do good for the society. In fact, it helps in boosting the morale of employees; this, in turn, does wonders in increasing their productivity. Also, knowing that their products and services are helping with a social cause creates a sense of pride and that shows in their relationships with customers. 

LG Electronics has always been a brand with a difference. It has been a frontrunner at providing products and services that bring its core philosophy of Life’s Good to millions of consumers over the past 22 years. Putting the Customer at the Heart of the Business, the company has been awarded as the ‘Most Trusted brand’ in consumer Electronics for 2019. 

The initiatives taken by LG showcase their deep commitment and care for the Indian society. Through such initiatives, they hope to bring a positive change in the society. LG has always taken a lead in initiating unique means of connecting with consumers and giving back to the society in which it operates. 

Kar Salaam was one such initiative wherein LG bought together the Indian citizens to express their gratitude to the soldiers by writing their wishes on the microsite and on the sticky notes and paste the notes on the billboards put up at the LG retail shops across India. 

With an aim to convey its story about its efforts in building a healthy nation, LG provided better and modern amenities to pilgrims of the Kumbh Mela. The company installed water purifiers and washing machines at the location and also distributed bands called “Suraksha Dhaga” which helped pilgrims to locate their dear ones in case they lose them in the surging crowd. 

Other initiatives include, "KareinRoshni" that invited the whole nation to come forward and pledge to donate their eyes for this noble cause; #HungerFreeIndia, dedicated to help eradicate Food Wastage in India and a Mega blood Donation drive Pan India devoted to the nation. 

The above initiatives have further strengthened LG’s essence of ‘Life’s Good’ and showcased brilliantly how the brand wants to reach out to those who are in need of such assistance. It allows individuals to witness the power in their hands and how collaborative efforts can help transform lives. LG is a proud leader in such gestures of care.

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