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India’s Most affordable Smart LED TV’s? How this made in INDIA Brand - ADSUN Sold Thousands TV's in 3 months

Smart TV market is dominated by big international players like Mi, Samsung and Sony, but this Indian brand ADSUN have done what one can say miracle, in the last three months, ADSUN Claims to have sold 20,000 smart and non-smart TV’s online. Based on the outskirts of the national capital, Kundli, Sonipath ADSUN initially worked as OEM and manufacturer LED TVs for several big brands including LEMON.
But, this year, under the guidance and vision of Sahil Garg, who believes

“Every family in India should have an option to buy premium and affordable smart LED TV, where other companies are charging huge chunk of money for 24”, 32” and 32” Smart LED TV, ADSUN offers it well below 10,000. We at ADSUN strive to provide premium quality to end users at a very effective price “

ADSUN started to manufacture quality focused Smart and Non - Smart LED TV’s with there own brand name. As of now, ADSUN claims to offer job to 2,500 skilled and unskilled professional in area. ADSUN is currently offering 7 different models and is selling cheapest and best 4K Ultra high definition LED TV’s, product line includes
  • -       24” HD Ready LED TV at Rs 5,999
  • -       32” HD Ready LED TV at Rs 7,499
  • -       32” Smart HD Ready LED TV at Rs 9,499
  • -       40” HD Ready LED TV at Rs 11,499
  • -       40” Smart HD Ready LED TV at Rs 13,449
  • -       50” 4K UHD LED TV at Rs 22,999
  • -       55” 4K UHD LED TV at Rs 29,999

Where all models comes with one year onsite warranty and free home delivery. As per there online Sales Head, Abishek ADSUN LED TV’s are available on Amazon, PayTM and ADSUN android app. 24" 32”, 40” Models comes with HD Ready display and 20 watt speaker (10*2) while 50” and 55” incorporates 4K display with 2 12 watt speakers. Smart TV variant comes with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM.

Similar variant of product from MI and KEVIN cost around 30% more than ADSUN. Company is planning to launch 65” UHD Smart LED TV’s at jaw dropping price. So, what do you think will be its price. Do you think people will prefer ADSUN over MI or make in India have still some hope left.

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