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Maruti Swift 2018: A brief Review

Bigger    Bolder    Better
The 3rd Generation Swift is the new kid on the block and mind you for anyone underestimating the strength of this fighter the company has sold 1.7 million of these toys in India till now. That number isn’t just a figure in fact it is a disclaimer for all rivals saying ‘you stand nowhere near our league’. 

Needless to say Swift is a sporty car which catches the eye of the youth or of anyone trying to stay young for that matter, since its launch in 2005. It had its shares of facelifts now and then but the recent launch of 2018 is a leap ahead in terms of design and language. The designers clearly had a futuristic approach and the company’s management was unmistakably impressed with it.


The aerodynamics from 3D Grill, new headlamps, broader nose and a smiling kitty look to new door handles and rear lamps are noticeable. Front look is an absolute copy of its bigger cousin the swift Dezire which was just launched last year.

I call it the B3 Swift for it to possess the three new qualities Bigger, Bolder and Better. Automatic Headlamps with full LED cluster and Day Running Lamps was no surprise as it was launched in the Swift Dezire model as well, but it still puts swift ahead of its close competitors like Polo, Micra or Jazz. The 14 inches Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels might look small on the new Swift but once you drive the machine around you wouldn’t feel the need of bigger tires. 

The Extra 44 mm width makes the new swift Wider and sturdier on cuts and corners. Even while cruising at high speeds the car doesn’t seem to wobble as it used to in the earlier versions. Though the length of the car is reduces by 10 mm, the shorter Swift doesn’t actually come across as a smaller vehicle when compared to its older version, Kudos to the designers for the marvelous job done. Some might say the Sportier rear door handles improved the look of the car and some might stand otherwise, but the new style is a blatant signal from the company that says ‘we know what Indians want and we serve it the best’.

The new Swift is 42 Kilograms lighter thereby not only improving the mileage of the car but also improving the power on the road. This could be seen by the reduced turbo lag the car now has, hence increasing the overall control and balance of the car. The old engine which had proven its mettle in the Indian market is again present in Swift 2018. Better body, light weight, better tensile strength and broader grip, what more could the engine have asked for. 

On the inside the car totally looks new, while keeping the design close to the Swift Dezire 2017 the sporty feel has been amplified by the AC controls and the panels. The front seats are very comfortable, right where it is needed most of the times bolstered with side supports transforming long rides. The increased Legroom and the improved head room along with more shoulder room makes one wonder why on earth shouldn’t one buy this space rich car. The fancy interiors supported by the Android Auto System with a decent sound output were surprisingly a thing expected from high end cars. The rear parking sensors along with the camera are only available in select models, of course the expensive ones. Lighter Clutch and smoother gearbox, small improvements which were much needed for the city traffic, now will clearly convert test drives to owner drives.

Alas the designers have completely won the hearts by solving the root of a few unhappy Swift customer; THE BOOT. The boot space is now a whopping 265 L. This kept a very few buyers from going ahead, and how I see it, this would now be one of the biggest reasons, consciously or subconsciously for many of them to buy the new age Maruti Swift instantaneously. 

In all with new designs both internally and externally the new Swift is safer and stronger and is more stable, comforting, stylish, fuel efficient and value for money now. For all the critics I must remind that Maruti sells specifically what the Indian customers need, instead of pushing new tech stuff. And with the reassuring dealer and service networks Maruti is no doubt a whole century ahead of its contemporaries. Wishing best of luck to the Swift and hoping to see more of such creative stuff from the Design engineers, I’d say this is the best car in its segment.

Hope you liked the review.

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