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AI technology will dominate education and entertainment for the toddlers of Generation AI

As Generation AI starts to walk and talk, technology embedded with AI will help them learn. Toddlers will have toys, robots and other devices that will help raise and teach them. 

Sukanya Mandal, IEEE Member, IEEE says ,“Toddlers will benefit from any kind of robotic toy with AI capabilities. This could be a full-time nanny to help keep toddlers engaged and also take care of them. Using built-in cameras as well as voice recognition capabilities in these AI toys can help parents raise their Generation AI toddlers.” 

Toys that can respond to children’s questions and requests while teaching them already exist. Toddlers can be more independent with their learning and playtime when AI toys are present. 

“AI can help small kids by being their personalized teacher and help them in their studies with a personalized curriculum. AI bots can be a friend to kids, nurturing them and helping them grow up with a positive attitude.” 

Toddlers will start to become more independent from their parents as they start to rely on technology instead. “Since they would get instant answers to their problems, they may not need to think about finding a solution.” 

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