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CORTANA - Can now access your Gmail.

 It always makes work a lot easier when you are having the aid of a digital assistant.

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 Microsoft now has added the ability to connect your Gmail account to Cortana. That means you can now easily access things like your emails, contacts, and more importantly Google Calendar data through the digital assistant. Aside from PC, the feature also allows you to access stuff like calendar info from a Cortana-powered device such as Harman Kardon Invoke.

Image result for gmailHow to Access Gmail Directly?

To setup the new feature, first head to the Cortana Notebook section from your Windows 10 search bar. Once there, use the 'Add a Service' option to add Gmail.

How Useful? 

If you are a Windows 10 user who also primarily uses a Gmail account, this new feature will make it easier for the assistant to access calendar appointments and trigger reminders across multiple calendars and also you can ask Cortana questions about what’s happening tomorrow on your Google Calendar and the assistant will let you know.

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