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3.5mm Headphones Jacks Gone Forever?

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Last year when Iphone 7 Launched it bought in a big surprise for its users and music fans by removing the earphone jack. It lead a lot of discussion about how its necessity. But the whole fact of Headphones jacks being removed became more of an acceptance after the google pixel 2 this year released a phone with no headphone jack, It more of became the reality.

Does it make the device More Safe?

The first fact that the companies replacing them put forward is that they're much more water and dust resistant. But the Pixel 2's IP67 certification is something several Android phones have offered for years and they didn't need to lose the port to achieve it.

Does it make room for more important things ? 

Removing the port opens up a bit of precious internal space, which allowed Apple to stuff in a bigger 3D Touch module in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. More internal phone components are integrated or obviated. As phones have been shrinking, the proportion of internal space that the headphone jack commands inside them has been growing. The additional room that was obtained by removing the headphone jack isn't enough to significantly improve battery life, it hasn't led to an influx of ultra-thin designs either. 

What are other options?

At first glance when you look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30, both gorgeous, almost top of the market phones with headphone jacks present seems very much of an eye catcher.

 But on the long run towards the future wireless market is sure to over throw the market established by wired headphones and earphones. Maybe the company's like Apple and Google had understood the market placement of the future. It is prime time even we have start adjusting and switching to these changes.


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