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Bigg Boss 11: Underground jail, 90 cameras and more — a tour of the new house

While we are yet to see the shenanigans of contestants like the YouTube ‘sensation’ Dhinchak Pooja, or Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain fame Shilpa Shinde, or for that matter the controversial television producer Vikas Gupta, or someone with a ready agenda, Zubair Khan (Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law), what dazzled us are the numerous colourful ‘buttons’ on one side of the wall of the living room as we entered.

The other side was covered with the designs of black and white comic strips.  Explaining the concept, production designer and the director of the recent released Bhoomi, Omung Kumar, who particularly pays a lot of attention to the walls, said, “The theme of the 11th season is pop art so every element in the house pops out. In between different colours, we got the black and white element as a breathing space, something to aspire for. We wanted everything to be the talking point and create an engaging environment for the contestants. It is like writing on the wall...something to talk about.”

ut then, what about the Padosi’ (Neighbours) theme that we have been watching the show host Salman Khan address in the promos of the show, by dealing with his ‘neighbours’ who are seen spying on him in various situations. Well, that element has not been revealed so far and we will get to see that once the show starts in the coming week.
Apparently, each of the contestants will be pitted against each other as padosis or neighbour. The house will reportedly be divided into blocks with each belonging to two inmates. The cameras will keep a tab on the contestants, and this year, 90 cameras will be watching their every move.
“We have more cameras this time as compared to last season. With so many cameras, the house has to look good from every angle. Hence the walls are done up in different ways and also painted with vibrant colours. Then it’s fully lit up all the time,” said the National Award winning director.
Like the previous years, the house has a swimming pool, a gym and a jail in the lawn area. But this time, the jail has been built underground to make it darker and more frightening. The jail seems to have no amenities other than three string cots. “It is a dangerous looking jail - the kind I had shown in Sarbjit. The ‘prisoners’ can see outside but they will rot inside,” said Kumar, who, along with his team, has taken 55 days to design the house.

The Jacuzzi corner in the bathroom, that was created last season to bring in more intimacy, is still there, just that the colourful couches that were placed close to it, are missing. The bedrooms that consist of eight double beds, are designed in a colour scheme of red and black with mirrors on the wall.  The confession chair is shaped like a car seat and the dinner table is round instead of rectangle as seen in other seasons. There are also a couple of surprise elements with a telephone booth converted into a sofa or lamps seen hanging upside down from the ceiling.Till now, the bathrooms have always been outside the main house but this time, they are inside the house. The washrooms are decorated with artificial greenery and the smoking area is next to the gym which is close to the pool in the garden. Then there is the secret room with four beds. Those in the room will be able to watch the inhabitants of the house but the housemates will not be able to see them.One of the most fascinating pieces of art, a huge clock indicating the show time — 10.30pm, which was shifted from the bedroom into the garden area in the last season, has now been removed. Instead, we find a cut-out of Salman with words – Uparwala sab dekh raha hai, placed in the lawn.

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