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Airoshine Launches Airoshine A3-5 Room Purifiers

Airoshine introduces the Airoshine A3-5, an advanced range of room air purifiers, which is ideal for any home/ office and employs cutting edge technology. The product drives on an impressive 8 layer air filtration technology which can effectively clean a room up to 650 sqft. It incorporates an in-built PM 2.5 sensor and display and an intelligent auto mode system that constantly adjusts the fan speeds according the requirement. It is available on all major e commerce platforms like Amazon and www.airoshine.comat an economical price of INR 29,250.

“Airoshine air purification products are equipped with a unique and highly efficient HEPA Filter and its technology is designed by a team of experienced engineers with best in class technology.” expresses Raghav Gupta, CEO, Airoshine.

To combat the high levels of indoor pollution, Airoshine purifiers employs state-of-the-art HEPA filter technology that helps to eliminate dust, bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergens and also prevents other small and tiny particles from penetrating through with a precision of 99% or more. The Activated Carbon filter layer is effective in removing smoke and odors and the Molecular Sieve filter layer purifies air by the function of absorbing and alternating, thereby maintaining the humidity levels and elongating the life of the Activated Carbon. Furthermore, the Elementary filter layer, exclusive to Airoshine A3-5, consists of the aluminum frame, aluminum mesh and primary efficiency filter cotton. This helps in the removal of larger particles like dust, hair, dust etc.

Energy efficiency and quiet operation makes the product very user friendly. Bearing in mind the constant voltage fluctuations we face in India, the electric leakage and voltage protection make for an added advantage in terms of safety. Magnetic locks present in the system make the panels easy to open and close for hassle free maintenance.The Airoshine A3-5 features a ‘Child Protection System’ that allows the machine to automatically switch off in case the front panel is opened during operation, thus preventing any mishap.

All Airoshine products are designed specifically for Indian conditions. While there are outdoor environmental factors posing a range of threats to our health, the indoor environment too needs major attention. 4 out of 10 most polluted cities in world are in India- a self explanatory fact that air purifiers have become more of a need rather than luxury. Pet danders, airborne flu, viruses, allergens, passive cigarette smoke inhalation, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are few factors that pose a greater threat than our knowledge.

Airoshine air purifiers do not create Ozone unlike many other air purifiers that work on removal of such particles by the creation Ozone, which itself is a hazardous gas.

The manufacturer has been successful in creating and maintaining a rich customer base with its unparalleled technology, innovation and aesthetic design.

About Airoshine

Airoshine was started to battle poor indoor air quality affecting the health of our children, and the lack of availability of high quality and effective air purification systems at a reasonable price.

We at Airoshine are committed to providing you with the most advanced air purification products, enabling you and your family to live robust, healthy and stress free lives.

Through the use of well qualified engineers, highly trained technical staff and advanced quality control machines we strive to bring you superior quality, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and excellent customer service.

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