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running on a guilt trip is good

Feeling guilty "is it always negative?"
Feeling guilty has a very positive effect on one's behavior. It often give people more sense of cooperation. 
Lets assume scenario of shared energy used at home. Most powerful people will get an ample amount of energy as a resource while the weaker section may not even get the minimum basic.
Here, the guilt factor can create a sense of responsibility. If they start feeling for others they will utilize the resources in a more efficient way making it available for others too
It is not your guilt that makes you sad but lack of action makes you so. The only way to get out of the guilt trap is to run on an action spree.
Not listening to ones own conscious can take you ten  steps away from yourself. Most of the guilt can be corrected by your action and few which are not, try to minimize the damage and try not to be in the same position again. 
"Running is never a solution. how much and how far one can run from one's  inner-self." The guilt can follow one for entire life making one unable to enjoy even the happiest moments of ones life. A person may run into depression and fall into drugs.
But this is not the result of guilt rather result of running away from guilt.
Guilt conscious people are always stronger personality who remain present to the moment.
They are often more active, responsible and reliable people of this planet.

                     By:  Yashila Singh
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