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Nova Launcher: Best just got Better

TL:DR; The New Nova launcher 5.1 just came out of beta version and has the following new Features - Dynamic icons (the badges pull icons from notification content), Respect for system level themes on Samsung and Huawei devices, and minor fixes for Samsung galaxy S8

As an Android User, I feel that one of the biggest perk that one gets when using android is its high customization ability. 

With Android we have complete freedom over how our smartphone looks and feels. We have liberty to bypass the default Launcher that comes pre-installed and use our own custom launchers.

Image Credits: Android Police

If you have been experimenting with the launchers that are available in the Playstore like i have, i think you'll agree with me that Nova Launcher is the best highly Customiable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android. 

Basically, Nova launcher provides you with the option of tweaking every feature related to the phone's User Interface and lets you build your own custom User Experience with cool swipe features, Animations, Custom Icons and Wallpapers and many other cool features.

Like I said earlier, the Best just got better. The new Nova Launcher 5.1 had been in beta since march and it's stable version is available through both Google Playstore and Nova Launcher's Website. The news about the stable version was added to Google Plus's Nova Launcher Beta (Official) community.

Some of the cool features included with the Nova launcher 5.1 include bug fixes for the Samsing galaxy S8, Dynamic Badges which give image notifications directly from the notification content and respect system level themes for Samsung and Huawei devices.
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