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Xiaomi, Meizu and Motorola Launching New Phone - Smartphone News Roundup 08.02.2017

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Greetings Smartphone fans,

Today's news roundup features two of the most well-known phone manufacturers from the East - Xiaomi and Meizu!

Let's start with Xiaomi as they are about to release a phone for Valentinte's day!
It will be the long awaited Redmi Note 4X!

Packing a 5.5-inch FHD display, 4100mAh Battery, 13MP camera and Snapdragon 625!

Sound familiar?

It should, since this is the device Xiaomi launched in India as The Redmi Note 4!
So, If you somehow felt that you were left out in favour of India, don't worry, Xiaomi's got you covered!
You can read our article on Redmi Note 4 India HERE

IF your loved one is in need of a big phone with great battery life, you can now buy it for them as a Valentine's Day gift, since Xiaomi are launching the phone on 14.02.2017!

Meizu Logo

Next stop is BIG M! Meizu are aiming to steal Xiaomi's Valentine's thunder
with a release of their own on the next day!
Meizu M5S Launch

The device is still kept under wraps, but we all believe it to be the Meizu M5S

Meizu M5s

which is a highly speculative device, although most sites confirm it will feature a 5.2-inch
HD(720p) Dispay, a 13MP Camera and come in 2/16GB. 3/32GB and 4/64GB options.
The device is speculative, because most sites say that it will feature the old MT6753 chip that Meizu used back in the Meizu Note 2!
That is highly unlikely for the 4/64GB version as the MT6753 doesn't support 4GB RAM, and I know that for a FACT!

So, it could be that 2/16GB, 3/32GB versions pack MT6753, but the 4/64GB one will either pack MT6750 or P10/20 chips.

I guess we'll have to wait for the 15.02.2017 for the official announcement.


Another BIG M - Motorola is also launching their latest mid-range G5 Plus very soon!

Sources confirm that the phone will spot a much improved in low-light 12MP camera(probably IMX386 or IMX377) and Snapdragon 625, that is becoming quite popular these days.
Moto G5 Plus

The phone reads Rapid Focus and TurboPower charging, which could be just re-phrased
"Phase-detection autofocus" or "Laser Focus" and "Quick Charging".
Moto G5 Plus will be a 5.2-inch phone.

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