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Suggested apps for Online transactions and Banking

At present with everything getting digitized, lots have changed. The time and events where people used to proceed to banks to make transaction are long gone. Apart from a few things, people are now doing their work related to banking online via the help of the internet, websites and mobile sites. Also, there are several banks which permit users to process their transaction and investments online.

Everything related to banking encompassing transfer of money and checking the bank balance and the account related information is done in an instant. There is a mutual relationship between smartphones and mobile apps, both of which are an integrated part of user's life. Banks have begun to create websites and mobile apps to ensure smooth and interactive online transaction for its users.
Featured is a big rise in the usage of mobile apps, where huge development has been made for the respective industries namely banking, marketing, trading or anything. The mobile apps have made a firm presence in the world.

Mobile apps for banks are designed in such a way that they provide very easy and interactive handling of all the processes related to banking online and also conserve time which is spent, to do other important undertakings. Users can finish any task simply in a jiffy rather than wait in long queues in front of a bank. 

There are several apps pertaining to mobile banking on both the Play Store and App Store. With such a huge number, it is a big task to select the best among them. Hence an extensive analysis was done to get to know the critically acclaimed and favored bank apps among users. Below is the list of the favored and reliable mobile banking apps. 


Monitoring the budget and tracking the expenses involved is a recommended method for good productivity. The Mvelopes app assists users in creating a budget/quota and monitor the disbursement of money with the help of a digital form envelope which is preferred over the physical ones, circumventing the burden of carrying them along or losing them. The app enables quick clearing of mortgages and helps the users in saving money and utilize it properly in the time ahead.


Lloyds app encompasses all the fundamental operations done in a bank. A limit range is implemented in the app as to how much the user can make transactions from one account to the other. A feature evaluating the finances is also present in the app. Appointments are fixed in advance in the event that users have to go to banks. Face to face interaction is also incorporated in the app.


Chase app has been regarded as the top ranking and recommended bank app by its users. It has strived to provide the best offerings to its users. Currently, the app has been integrated encompassing a feature where Login ID is done with a touch on iPhones. Everything related to banking ranging from international transactions, online transactions to relatives, deposits etc are done by this app which also provides an user-friendly and enthralling experience for its users


PenFed is scrutinized as one of the biggest credit unions featuring 19 billion dollars as capital. The app incorporates several useful attributes. Users can deposit checks when they are not in the range of a PenFed branch. In the case of a trip by the users, the bank account is synched with the travel plan for close monitoring of the expenses. Savings are done by fortifying the tabs in the app in the event of a future unexpected expense. The app also guides users to the nearest branches as well.


Barclays supplies offerings in the form of digital assistances to its users. Online payment is done with the help of the person-to-person transfer feature available. The entire transaction log regarding the transactions done with the banks is also stored carefully. If any purchase is done using this app, the chances of getting a cash back offer is also plausible. The app is used to fortify the user's account and money in case of losing the bank plastic cards.

Bank of America

With this app, users can check for any mortgages related to the account, details regarding the loans availed, the status of the savings accounts and much more. The app is also used to activate cards related to the bank. The users can modify the app to set up alert notifications for important things regarding their accounts. Payments are done on time and can even be canceled if required. 


This app brags of about 4 million users in it on a mean, with the metrics enlarging further. The account of the user can be accessed by using the fingerprint scanner incorporated within the app. The most amazing aspect is that users can retrieve money from ATM without the help of a plastic card. The user has to simply type in the one-time code which is created in the app.


Almost everything around the globe is done digitally with financial aspects taking on a new role and assisting people via mobile apps and websites. The app number related to banking is still increasing. These apps have been designed to ensure a smooth flowing, interactive, and less time-consuming experience for the users so that they can focus on other important aspects. Only a few taps of the mobile screen are needed to make transactions and other aspects related to banking securely via mobile apps, simplifying the entire process.

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