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Unique Way to Use Your Smartphone

Thanks to USB OTG, you can expand your Android smartphone's functionality in numerous ways, and use it to do extremely cool things . Some of us know it but most of us have used OTG to connect to Flash drive only.

Use Mouse and Keyboard with Android Phone

Tired of typing in that small screen of smartphone just connecting keyboard to your smartphone makes it so simple.

I have typed C programs,text documents,played games and done many interesting stuff with smartphone.

Gaming Controller

If you cannot buy PS3 or PS4 no problem just connect the controller through OTG and play awesome games. Play Asphalt8 , Real Racing, Modern Combat and Dead trigger etc.

Other things to OTG can be connected to are



Create Music on Android with MIDI Controller Apps Using Musical Instruments

USB accessories like LED light , Fan , Selfie Stick ,Microphones.
Make the best use of your smartphone connect to USB hub and discover the endless possibilities. Transfer charge from one device to another.

All you have to do is connect the two phones, and the phone acting as the USB host (the one directly connected to the USB OTG cable) will start charging the other device.

Control DSLR Camera with Android Smartphones.(soure:Google)

DSLR Cameras offer best in class image quality, complete with extensive manual controls, and a range of accessories. However, you can also control your DSLR camera and tweak its manual controls using your USB OTG connected Android phone, via numerous apps available for the same. One such app is DSLR Controller, which can be used to adjust focus, zoom control, shutter speed, ISO, and then some more, directly from the Android smartphone. It can even be used to record Time lapse videos.

Connect USB Modem with Android Mobile

Fingerprint Scanner .

I came across this when I went to buy Relaince Jio Sim . The verification of the documents was done using the eKYC method to speed up the process. The sim was activated within 1 day because of this cool feature.

eKYC :- To simplify the process, eKYC uses your Aadhaar card to verify your details quickly. This is a service offered by the UIDAI, and enables businesses to quickly carry out KYC norms. To do so, you need to give the store you Aadhaar number, and then your fingerprint is scanned in the store and matched with the Aadhaar database to verify your identity.

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