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First New Nokia Smartphone Pictured!

The first Nokia Smartphone to will launch in 2017,but we were uncertain what the device will look like.Will Nokia stay true to their previous portfolio?


Or is it going to look like the C1 tablet that was announced?


Remember that Nokia was bought by Foxconn(who make the iPhones and like half of the smartphones in the world) this year and we can basically expect anythinig from the new device in terms of style. What was leaked around the web this mourning is the back shell of a device that resembles iPhone or Vernee Mars type of back.


Let us now process that image:First of all it has a good metal build, and the antenna lines are on the top and bottom.You can clearly see the Nokia logo.What's important here is that there are two holes, which could be either Dual-Cams or A main camera and a fingerprint reader.

Next is the size!

This by the looks of it is a 5.7"-6.0" device, which means it's a high end part.As it looks like this will be going against the Mi Note 2 and Huawei's Mate 9Rumours have been going around the web that the device will feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 and a great 22.56MP Sony camera. So far that has not been confirmed.

Are you interested in a good Nokia comeback?

Will you be willing to pre-order or buy on day 1, knowing fully well that, this is not the Finnish Nokia of old?

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