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Remotely control when and how your children can use their mobile phones (A must app for all the parents)

Do you wish you could control when your children can use their mobile phones and which apps they can use at what times, even when you aren’t with them?
Well, thanks to a great free app called DinnertTime Plus, you can. Simpy install the app on both your child’s phone and your own phone, then link the two phones via a text message. 
Once the apps are installed and the phones are linked, you’ll be able to designate periods of time when your child’s phone will be placed into an inactive state. Texting, playing games and running apps won’t be allowed, but by default the phone can still make and receive calls in case an emergency arises.
You can change the behavior of your child’s phone remotely, in real time, and you can enable certain apps even when the rest of the apps are disabled. For example, you can allow the use of the camera app during a break or the calculator app during study time.
Dinnertime Plus is free, although you can choose a version that allows in-app purchases. (The free version is the one I recommend.)
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