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LeEco Le 2 EUI 5.8.019S Update brings VoLTE for Jio, Changes and Bug fixes

LeEco has outed probably one of the biggest updates to its smartphones by pushing out the EUI 5.8.019S update to the LeEco Le 2. The mid-range smartphone has been doing well but had reportedly got a few issues and bugs that users regularly faced and reported, and LeEco has done well to try and fix each of the reported issue and add some excellent needed features.

This EUI update to the Le 2 also adds the VoLTE support to have Jio SIM working on it for the HD calls and video calls. Apart from that, the major change log given below tells you what all is changed in the update that is already rolling out as an OTA update to the phones.

LeEco Le 2 EUI 5.8.019S update change log


Enabled VOLTE (Voice over LTE) feature
Fixed an issue in which call drop happens when making VolTE calls using Reliance JIO 4G network.
Fixed an issue in which Reliance JIO SIM can not register IMS.


Fixed an issue in which the feedback app crashes after Submitted Online feedback.

Recovery Mode

Fixed an issue in which “no apk file found” error message pop up when update System in recovery mode.


Enhanced the auto night mode
Optimized color display in low light conditions.
Fixed an issue in which ghosting may occur when taking photo of moving objects in HDR mode.
Optimized White balance performance.
Fixed an issue in which fingerprint unlock fails after few captures With camera from locker screen.
Optimized SLO-MO recording noise.
Optimized Green color performance under night mode.
Adjusted flash Color cast.
optimized Color spot under HRD mode.
Optimized QR Scanner focus speed.


Optimised Type-C earphone energy Consumption when using GPS.
Fix the issue where there is a pop sound in type-C earphones at dialling.

Dolby Atmos

Optimised Dolby Atmos
Modified Dolby parameter.

Third-party App

Fixed an issue in Which sound can not switch from earphone to Speaker after unplugged earphone when listening to Whatsapp Voice
Optimised WhatsApp Notification tone volume
Fixed an issue in which WhatsApp can only send 1 local music file at


Fix the issue where there is a pop sound in type-C earphones at dialling
Added back call recording function
Added an access to settings page.
Optimized new contact creating procedure.
Added SIM name on dial button When using Dual Sim Added blacklist in Contact setting
Fixed an issue in which VolTE HD call unstable and HD Signal disappeared Once call started.


Fixed an issue in which wallpaper change back to default occasionally.

Hall Sensor

Optimised Hall Sensor int value which fixed auto lock screen iSSue.


Fixed an issue in which occasional Wi-Fi signal loss when connecting to open Wi-Fi network
Fixed an issue in which WLAN displayed instead of Wi-Fi when System language is English.


Fixed an issue in which search function stop Working after unpaired.
Fixed an issue in which WeChat cannot play a complete Voice message in bluetooth mode.
Fixed an issue in which bluetooth function fail to open.
Fixed an issue in Which fail to share files.

To update the Le 2 to the latest version of EUI, you will just have to go to the Software Update section of the phone and you will notice the update, or you might have already got a notification for the same already. Make sure you take a backup before hitting the update button.

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