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Cool & Creative Power Banks You Can Buy

No matter how powerful our smartphones get, there is a limit to how long a full charge can last us and it’s usually less than a full day. To get the most out of your smartphone, you’d probably need to lug around a spare, portable, on-the-go power

Power banks have become part of our lives, almost as much as our smartphones have been. So far, most of us are contented with the boring, bland, squarish or rectangular power bank design. These days, however, you could find power banks in the shape of lipsticks, your favorite animated characters, milk or juice cartons, skulls, vegetables, unicorns and even cameras!

Pizza Slice

Milk Bottle


 Cute Ghost



French Fries

Glossy Lips

Cone Ice Cream


Magnetic Tape

Pom Pom

Piggy Bank

Poke Ball

Pokemon Go

Polaroid Camera


Laughing Tears

Window Solar

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