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We will continue to sell Lumia devices: Microsoft India Chairman

Microsoft hasn’t been doing too well with regards to its smartphones division. The company’s Nokia acquisition failed to breath fresh life into business and the company will likely wash its hands off the brand by the year end. However, there have also been speculation that the company will continue focusing upon growing its Surface and Lumia brands. Amid all these rumors, Microsoft India chairman Bhaskar Pramanik has said that the company will continue its efforts in the mobile division.

Recently speaking to Gadgets Now in Bangalore, Microsoft India chairman Bhaskar Pramanik outlined some of his company’s plans for the immediate future. From what we have been able to take away, Microsoft’s India unit will continue focusing upon selling all the products currently in their portfolio — at least until the developments we have been hearing so much about of late, acquire a more concrete shape.

He also said that Microsoft has multiple options with regards to what it can or will do, and that there’s obviously some work and developments going on in the mobile space. However, he refused to elaborate further, merely saying that the company’s position as far as India was concerned, was clear.

Pramanik also said that, for Microsoft, its not just about building hardware. Instead, its about building experiences that are portable and can move across the whole of the company’s ecosystem. This is also a strategy that is being adopted — or has already been adopted — by most tech majors. Take Apple for instance, its also said to be working upon a similar strategy and according to some rumors, is soon going to project Siri, at the center of its ecosystem.

Pramanik also said that while its position in other niches may not be going through its best phase, as far as Windows 10 is concerned, Microsoft is actually ahead of where it thought it would be at this point of time. The company set out with a very ambitious goal of installing it across a billion devices and has been doing pretty well so far. The operating system has seen the fastest rate of adoption among all Windows operating systems so far.

So yes, while Microsoft recently rolled out what is being touted as its last Nokia device, the company will keep selling Lumia as well as Nokia devices in the country for now.

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