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iOS 10 Top Feature

“Everything you love is now even better with iOS 10, our biggest release yet,” the Apple website reads. “Express yourself in bold new ways in Messages. Find your route with your beautifully redesigned Maps. Relive Memories like never before in Photos. And use the power of Siri in more apps than ever.”

iOS Top Features include:

You can send a text message to a special friend in your own handwriting. Your friend can even see it being written as if they were watching you write on a piece of paper.

Invisible Ink
You can send messages that remain hidden until you swipe to reveal it.

Quick Message Feature
The new Tapback feature allows you to choose from six different quick responses to let people know what’s on your mind, when you don’t have enough time to text.

Better emoji
You can send friends fireballs, heartbeats, sketches and more. You can also draw over videos just like Snapchat. Tap over words to exchange them with emojis as well.


There are also stickers for you to make your photos look better. The stickers are available in the new App Store for iMessage.

iMessage Apps + Multi-tasking
The new iMessage Apps allow you to access your favorite apps while you are still texting. You never have to leave the message App while making payments, sharing content and more.

Smarter Siri
Like Apple promised, you will have a smarter Siri with your update. You can ask Siri to navigate your apps better than before. Siri can book a taxi for you through Lyft or send money with Square and so much more. Just tell Siri what you want, and you will get it.

No more going in circles with Maps. The Maps App can make better suggestions with iOS 10 and can tell you which other direction to take through a faster route. You can also make reservations with an App called OpenTable, or book a taxi through Uber while still using Maps.

With Maps you can also search for gas stations, restaurants, coffee and many other locations near you, along the route you are taking.
Home App Integration with Home Appliances

The new Home App will allow you to turn on lights, unlock doors and raise window shades in your home. You can do it all at once as well.

Better Music
You can view lyrics while listening to your favorite song.

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