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What happened with this Delhi women in OLA cab will shock you for sure.

A Delhi woman's recent ordeal after hiring a cab is another evidence the national capital is not safe for women.Priyanka Gusain who travelled in an Ola cab in the city on Sunday wrote on her Facebook page that the driver was secretly filming her during the drive.

Gusain, who had booked the cab around 12:43 pm, was travelling to Chanakyapuri. Moments after she made herself comfortable in the car, checking her emails and attending calls, Priyanka began feeling a little uncomfortable and 'sensed something strange about the driver'.
"His body posture was defensive and he would constantly look at me in the rear view mirror. Not knowing whether to trust my gut feeling, I discounted it as my brain telling me to be cautious," 

Gusain wrote in her post.

She said she noticed that the driver Abhilash Singh had cleverly placed his mobile phone in such an angle that the front camera could capture everything she was doing.As soon as Gusain noticed she was being filmed, she asked the driver to pull over and confiscated his phone.
"There it was, a video of me, all of me. My every gesture, movement, each word uttered was recorded on his phone. Never in my life did I ever feel this violated," she wrote.

After an argument, she redirected the driver to a busier spot, called up 100 and lodged an FIR against the driver. Although the driver was put behind bars, Gusain was informed by police officials that he would be released in a day or two since it was a bailable offence.

"I don't understand the law and I didn't know the details of the sections, etc. What pissed me off were the official's comments. He saw the video, and said, 'par madam iss mein aisa kuch dikh toh nahi raha hai.' So, we're supposed to wait for a bigger problem to happen? They told me to complain to the Ola officials, and I left the station because there was nothing more I could do at the time." Gusain told Vagabomb.

Soon after the trip ended, she also raised a complaint with Ola by typing the 'Driver made me feel unsafe' option on the app. And all she received was an automated response.

A week later she again took up the issue again with the taxi aggregator by posting a complaint on their official Facebook page. It was then that the call cab service got back.

Gusain was quoted telling Vagabomb, "The Ola employee apologized and told me that the driver's Ola connection had been jammed and he won't be driving for them anymore. I asked them why it took them a week to take action and why was he allowed to drive for the week. Supposedly, they didn't get my complaint and rating. I don't know whether to trust them or not, but what choice do I have? They told me about the SOS option on their app and how that instantly connects a passenger to the company".

The taxi aggregator got away by apologizing, the driver was released on bail, the cops couldn't do much to help. Not the kind of situation that would inspire confidence in women in the city.

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