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WhatsApp lets you instant transfer of Freecharge Money!!

WhatsApp brings in new updates with more features. Here Snapdeal owned Freecharge in India has introduced a new feature of sending money to their contacts through WhatsApp.

Freecharge team has said that, this new feature is the next level of ‘Chat n Pay’ (social payments). Chat n Pay basically allows the user to transfer Freecharge wallet to another Freecharge account using chat based communication.

Freecharge is using instant messaging as a medium to allow users to transfer money faster.

Social payments is a key pillar for a great customer experience and a stepping stone to building habit commerce. We have taken social payments to the next level by enabling consumers to pay via social platforms like WhatsApp. We are confident that this step will make digital payments a part of daily life of Indians and Freecharge will be at the heart of it as the Payments Operating System for a Digital India. – Govind Rajan, COO, Freecharge

To send Freecharge money via WhatsApp, users have to
  • Open FreeCharge Android app and go to "FreeCharge on WhatsApp" from the left-side menu and Enable it
  • After this step, they can simply open WhatsApp and type the amount followed by FC (for example, 100FC).
  • After sending the message, Freecharge window will open asking for send/request money. Confirm to send the amount and they are good to go.

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