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WhatsApp Gold: New Trap Of Criminals

No sooner did any service or technology becomes popular, cyber criminals try to take advantage it. WhatsApp is once again falling in trap to such criminals. Earlier criminals had used WhatsApp Plus, this time they are using WhatsApp Gold. 
In reality their is nothing called as WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold. Criminals main aim is to steal private data of users, including their private images, videos and chat.
It has been reported that many WhatsApp users are receiving messages asking them to upgrade their existing WhatsApp to an exclusive version of the app called WhatsApp Gold. Link to download the app is already embedded in the message, message claims that this is exclusive version which was earlier available only to celebrities. It also promises them new features like free calling, new themes, ability to send bulk pictures, new emojis, extended security measures and  more customising options.
If a user downloads the app, then files of app infects the phone with a malware that could steal user data, track user activities and even get personal details stored in other apps on the phone.
Earlier, criminals used WhatsApp Plus for the scam. As soon as WhatsApp learnt about it they started scanning for it on the phone and if any user is found to have WhatsApp Plus on his device, they bans the user from the chat network and requests them to uninstall this unauthorised version. They suggests users to wait for 24 hours before downloading the original version from the Google Play store and also to clean all files of previous version.
In fact, WhatsApp advises its users that it will never send them a text message asking them to upgrade or download another app. The company reportedly says that it would reach its users over official points of contact like email but because of many non technical users such criminals get success in their plans. 
The best way to avoid from falling prey to any such scam is to avoid or delete any such message asking you to download any app from non official source. The app you download should only come from Google Play Store or App Store. If you have doubt about any app then its better you don't install it.

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